Saturday, 5 November 2011

Deborah Lippmann Stripper To Go vs Glitter Nail Polish

Although I love wearing glittery nail polish, I have to say that getting it off is such a pain, I tend not to wear it as often as I'd like.  Ages ago, I bought a packet of Deborah Lippmann Stripper To Go nail polish remover mitts and had completely forgotten about them until I tried to remove Revlon's uber-glittery Facets of Fuschia last weekend.  Having spent 20 minute removing only two nails of glitter (and doing a poor job of them) using a regular nail polish remover, I decided to try out the Stripper To Go remover and see if it did a better job.

Stripper To Go with the ordinary nail polish remover pads I struggled with at first

Inside the packet are 6 individually wrapped mitts, so you can use one at a time.  The blurb says that 1 mitt will do all 10 fingers and that they contain lavender essential oils and aloe vera.

I'm not showing you a picture of an unused mitt, as they cost £14 from House of Fraser... Yes, that's £14 for 6 mitts - over £2 per mitt!  They're certainly a very expensive way to remove glitter from your nails and I'm not going to unwrap one for your viewing pleasure!  You'll have to make do with the used ones.

But do they work?  The answer is most definitely yes.  Without a doubt, the Stripper To Go mitts are the easiest and quickest way to remove glittery nails.  They're small, but can fit two fingers into each mitt which is impregnated with the remover.  Whilst you are soaking two nails inside the mitt, you can carry on removing polish from your other nails using the outside of the mitt to speed things up.  The glitter just melts off, unlike anything else I've tried to remove glittery polishes.  It took me less than 5 minutes to remove all the polish on my nails, easy as you like.

However, whilst I will sing their praises and will probably buy these again, I do have a problem with them.  You will recall that the blurb states "1 finger mitt cleans all 10 nails".  Well it doesn't.  They work well and they work fast, but you will only get about 5 nails clean before the pad dries up and glitter is no longer removed.  At this point, it's pointless to carry on, as the finger mitt just becomes like any other nail polish removal method against glitter.  You'll need to open another packet - don't think about soaking the used mitt with normal nail polish remover - it doesn't work.  Two mitts is enought to clean all 10 nails, but although one would do "normal" nail polish, it doesn't stand a chance against glitter!  As Deborah Lippmann is known for her glitter-tastic nail polish creations, I think they are not up to the job!  Her nail polishes are the WORST to remove, so I reckon you'd need at least two of these to remove a Lippmann manicure.  Given the price of these, it's not great value.

So, I think that these are great and do the job of removing glitter far better than any other polish remover.  However, they don't do quite what they say on the packet and the are very over-priced.  I'll treat mine like gold-dust and only use them for the worst glittery polishes, not for an everyday sparkle!

What's your favourite method for glittery polish removal?

Thanks for reading! xx


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