Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thou Shalt Not Spend Money!

It seems I can't get enough of beauty challenges at the moment.  In addition to the challenge I'm currently doing to use up all my body moisturisers, I've decided to set a no spend challenge running until Christmas!

It's going to be a total no spend challenge on all beauty related items with no exceptions! That includes things like deodorent and toothpaste! Also, I have no contingency should I run out of something - too bad (or I could sneak them into the trolley when it's the Mr's turn to buy the shopping, but that would be cheating)!

I'm also planning to not spend on clothes, accessories and shoes until Christmas as well, but that's the easy bit of the challenge - it's beauty products I have the problem with.

I'm being joined in this challenge by Amy from Beauty, Shoes and Other Views - it's good to have a no spend buddy! Let me know if you fancy joining us, as everyone's budgets get a bit tighter at this time of year.

I must point out that I will be buying Christmas pressies for other people during this time - just none for me!

Let me know if you want to join in!

Thanks for reading! xx


nav said...

That sounds hard, but you can do it! :) xx

Halima said...

Ooooof I'd LOVE to buddy up with you but I just know I will try and FAIL. Haha.

Good luck! know you can do it! you have the will! xo

Helen99 said...

Good luck with this and think how satisfying it will be to be able to use up your old stuff as you won't have the alternative choice of buying something else. I am doing something similar on a smaller scale. I am trying to buy the bare minimum for myself as I really need to concerntrate on Christmas shopping now...

Beauty Balm said...

Well done you! I'd never be able to do this! (though I might in January when I'm skint!) x

Anonymous said...

I wish you every success and admire your fortitude. Good luck x

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Thanks everyone! I've been doing it a week now (as I started the challenge before I posted the blog), and staying strong so far! x

Anonymous said...

After my stint in the US, Paris, Lush, and Haus of Gloi I've been told that I'm on an indefinite 'no buy' for the foreseebale future. I'm going to need your help BBB to stay on the straight and narrow!

I am allowed shampoo/conditioner/moisturiser as I only ever have one of each.

Shower gel on the other hand is a different story I think I could go an entire year without buying it!

A xoxo


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