Friday, 1 October 2010

The Beauty Diet - Update

It has been ages since I did a post on how my beauty diet is going.  I thought I’d do a little update on my progress so far...

Shower gel/bubble bath

So far I’ve used up all the small bottles pictured, although I’ve not yet touched the rest of my Neals Yard shower gel.  I found a couple of small bottles of shower gel from a Sanctuary gift set, so I thought I’d use them up too, so I’m currently ploughing through them.  I’ve still got the Hello Kitty shower gel to go through.  I’m definitely on track for not buying any more until the end of November.  Considering I’ve not bought any shower gel since before Christmas, and I usually shower twice a day, that’s quite an achievement – you can only imagine how much shower gel I got given for Christmas!

Face wash

I’ve just finished one of my bottles of Nivea, and I still have some of the Neutrogena left and another bottle of Nivea.  I’ve also got a bottle of Tiss Oil Off which I’m absolutely loving and I’ll do a separate post on this soon.  It’s odd having so many on the go, but I’m getting through them.

My aim was not to buy any more face wash until the end of January.  I hope I can still make it!  

Facial Scrub

I’ve used up my Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash, and started a second bottle of it I had already purchased.  I’m desperately trying to use up the other two ones, but I really hate them – especially the Blackhead Clearing Scrub.  I’m using them each a couple of times a week, as I really can’t throw them out - I’m determined to get through them.  My other half still has a load of Botanics scrubs in the cupboard, and I’m always using them as well!  

I definitely think I'll not need to buy any more until new year, which was my aim.

Shampoo and Conditioner

I had set myself a challenge of not buying any shampoo until the end of October, and worried I wouldn’t be able to meet this.  However, I’ve still got some Pantene and a little of my Enjoy shampoo left.  I’ve also got a small bottle of fancy-pants L’Oreal shampoo in my cupboard, so I’m determined to eek it out until then.  Judging that it’s now October, I hope to meet this challenge now.  I’ve still got loads of conditioners left.  I’m just about out of Enjoy, but I still have some Pantene and 3 brand new Timotei bottles to go.  So this should last me until the end of January, as planned.  It’s a shame, as I’m lemming the Liz Earle stuff – I’m definitely going to buy that next.


Well I love doing my Sample Sundays, and trying out lots of new things.  But somehow, my sample stash keeps on growing!  I think I’m using it up faster than it’s growing, but only just!

Moisturiser/body cream

I hadn’t included facial moisturiser in my diet, but I’m about to run out of my latest bottle, so I’m going to try one by Temple Spa that my Mum bought back from one of her cruises.  I would have used it as a body cream, but I’ve given it a try on my face and quite liked it, so I’ll give it a whirl!

I’m really getting through my body moisturisers  - they are almost down to manageable levels!  I will shortly be able to move them out of the hamper I store them in, into a box of some description (yes there were so many of them, I used a hamper basket)!  But Christmas is coming, so I expect I will fill it up again!

Make up

Well I totally blew my make up budget.  I’ve definitely spent way more than the £100 I had allocated until the end of November.  My plan is to not spend any money on makeup for all of October.  I think that’s an achievable target.  When I get to the end of the month, I’ll review my makeup spending...


I’m getting through my perfume stash – this is a good thing, and I’m using up the ones I like least first, and only my best perfumes are for special occasions only!

All in all I’m really enjoying doing this, even though some of the products are meh!  I’m doing pretty well, apart from on the makeup spending.  I’ve still off-balance with my money, but not buying other beauty products is making a difference!  It’s just starting to make a bit of a difference to my storage space - for the first time in ages, not all my boxes and baskets are full!

Thanks for reading! xx


Anonymous said...

What a great post - I am trying to do this with skincare in particular and am wading my way through 8 cleansers at the moment, 1 by 1. Thanks for this, very interesting read.

Pinkhair said...

Keep up the good work chick your doing great..i try to use up what products i have until i repurchase but i do slip sometimes...but your right at xmas you get loads of we dont need to buy..result!!

The Brunette said...

Great post xx

Beauty Addict said...

Such a great idea!! I should def start doing this beauty diet!
Great inspiration!


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