Saturday, 16 October 2010

EOTD and Product Review - Revlon ColorStay Quad in Silver Fox

I was really excited to get this Revlon ColorStay quad in Silver Fox, which is part of the autumn/winter range.  I really liked the mix of colours, especially the mint green colour.  I also like the fact that the quad includes a highlight colour so that you can do a full eye look from one product, unlike some (yes Urban Decay BoS III - I mean you).

I've done an eye of the day using just this product.  The light grey colour is all over my lower lid, the grey/plum colour in my crease and outer-v, the white as a highlight for my brow bone and inner eye, and the mint under my lower lashes.  Apologies for the mascara failure onto my lids - I should have covered it up with eyeliner!

So what do I think of this product?  Well for £5.99 it's not a bad price and I like the colours.  BUT, and it is a big but, the shadows are not very good quality, although they are quite pigmented.  Maybe I've been spoiled by Urban Decay and Mac, but I found them to be flakey, powdery and full of fall out.  They are also really hard to blend and to get an even application.  I found myself over-blending which left me with a slightly muddy look.  I also found that even using UDPP, they tend to separate out a bit as the day goes on.  

So on the plus side, it's a cheap and cheerful quad, with lovely colours and you can do a full look from it.  However, I'd expect better quality from Revlon, and ovarall, I wasn't impressed with this.

What are your experiences with Revlon?  I find them a bit hit or miss myself!

Thanks for reading.  xx


Cheeky Beauty said...

It looks lovely :)
I tend to stay clear of eyeshadows unless they're Mac or UD, as I always find the same as you described, flaky and not very *stay on friendly*..

I ahve 1 good Revlon product, which is a mascara, called Double twist, very very good ..

Vintage and Cake said...

It's abit light, like you say for Revlon I would want something that comes out a bit heavy in colour and tone. Even for the price it should still be good, maybe try damping the lid first this well help the shadow to stick better. I do this with some of my palettes that come out transparent, to try and bring out the colour. I love the shades in the palette, you should try sleek, I am a sleek addicted same price range but the colour is amazing. You can get it online as well, if you want any advice on Lush stuff just give me a shout. You have beautiful eyes by the way xxx

Dee said...

I have a couple of the neutral ones - Coffee Bean and... um, I think one called Neutral Khaki or something similar. I like them well enough - they're good for work. However, here in Australia they're about $20 each and they are definitely not worth that much.

Yours is pretty, but I could never pull off a green that light.

Real Girls Beauty said...

It does look a little bit light, but it still looks pretty...your eyelashes are lovely and long!


The Brunette said...

Looks nice, I dont tend to use Revlon much. x

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Thanks for all your comments - I might try them dampened! I've just had my eyelashes permed, so they look really long! x


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