Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sample Sunday

Hello everyone.  Can you believe it's Sunday afternoon already?  This weekend has just whizzed by!  Anyway, it's that time of the week - Sample Sunday time!

I've got a two for one today - I tried Tresemme Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner.  If you've read my last post, you'll see I'm currently trying to a) use up products and b) save money on beauty products at the moment by doing my Beauty Diet.  Shampoo and conditioner is included in my diet, so I thought I'd give these samples a go to prolong my shampoo stock, and as I have just coloured my hair.

The blurb on the back of the package says that it will preserve the colour by up to 8x longer (longer than what I hear you ask).  The shampoo claims:

"Colour stays gorgeous for longer and hair is softer and more manageable".  

Remember this when you're reading my review. 

First of all, my hair was covered in products from the style I did yesterday.  It has mousse, serum and loads of extra-hold hair spray in it, for the complicated do that I attempted (and pretty much pulled off)!  So my hair needed a lot of cleaning, so it was probably unfair on the sample, as my hair is never normally like that.  However, due to a hair-care product malfunction, all the products I used were Tresemme, as I had to do a mad dash to Tescos just before creating my hair-style, and there wasn't much selection.  Therefore, Tresemme shampoo should be able to rinse out Tresemme products, right?

I thought that the sachet of shampoo was quite generous...until I started washing my hair.  I ended up using the whole thing to get my hair really clean.  And it was simply one of the worst shampoos I've ever used.  It has a slightly chemically smell, which I can live with, it foams up OK, but it rinses out poorly, and the state it left my hair in afterwards was truely awful!  I usually run a comb through my hair before putting on my conditioner, but my hair was completely knotted up after this shampoo.  I mean, REALLY knotted up.  My hair has never been in that state after shampooing, even if I've used the cheapest brand around.  I shudder to think at the damage it's done to my hair.

I was unsurprisingly nervous about using the conditioner after that.  However, it was OK.  The slight chemically smell was there, but it was relatively thick and moisturising, and has left my hair feeling alright.  Not brilliant, but not dreadful.  I certainly wouldn't buy it, but I'd use up another sample or nick it if I were staying at a friend's house if I had to without worrying.

So, as for the claims that it protects your colour, well I can't really comment on that after one application.  I was a bit alarmed to see that some of my hair dye came out when I was attempting to rinse out the shampoo.  This was the second wash after dying it.  I usually find that a bit of dye comes out during the first wash post-dye, but I've never experienced it during the second.

So all in all, I was totally unimpressed, and I would never use the shampoo again, although I could put up with the conditioner in emergencies.

I went to a fantastic, circus/burlesque evening yesterday, and it was one of the most amazing evenings I've been to for absolutely years.  I will do a post on what I wore and my hair and make-up for the night, and I might even include a photo of myself if I'm feeling brave enough!  However, this may take me a couple of days, as I have to sort out the photos and edit some of my friends out of them - it's not fair to post photos of them in corsets on the internet, even if they did look gorgeous!

Thanks for reading!  xx


Glitterish Allsorts said...

Wow, this is totally the opposite of my experience with this duo! But then I don't use much product in my hair so maybe my hair is quite easy for shampoos to rinse out. I actually love this stuff so feel sorry you had such a bad experience with it :(

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

I think our hair is all different - it is a product that sells well, so it must really work for some people. But for me, it really didn't! x

Anonymous said...

I quite like Tresemme generally - it is my to go shampoo and conditioner because it is usually on offer at the supermarket. Deeply annoying though when a product doesn't perform, at least it was a sample. Have just hennaed my hair today so maybe won't get this on my next big shop! Thanks for the post. Jan

ModestyBrown said...

I absolutely hate this shampoo and conditioner. I had enormous bottles but had to give up using it as it made my hair feel awful. I had to same problem you mentioned, that it made my hair very knotty. I don't think it helped my colour last either! Huge fail!


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