Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Problem Areas – Part 1: My Knees

This is the first in a series of posts designed to focus on areas of my body that are less that beauty-licious.  We all have areas of our body that we’re not happy with; sometimes we can do something about them and sometimes not. I’m going to be looking at sorting out my problem areas and blogging about my experiences and what does and doesn’t work.

I’ll start off with my knees.  Now, I do like my knees and I think my legs are my best feature.  Despite this, the photos here are hideously unflattering, they don’t do them justice.  My knees are one of my problem areas, suffering from discolouration and leathery skin on two spots, both underneath my knees.  I also have a scar on my right knee from when I fell off my bike as a little girl, but there's nothing I can do about that!

My problem knees are a recent phenomenon, stemming from an incident a couple of years ago when I, ahem, FELL OVER IN A PUB BEER GARDEN.  Now, are you thinking that I’m a lush who can’t hold her drink?  Well, I swear, I’m not!  I had only had 2 pints of shandy (honest) and it was the end of the night and we were waiting in the darkened garden for a taxi to pick us up.  It was raining, and I was wearing the flimsiest pair of ballet slippers imaginable.  So, when the taxi arrived, and I started to walk towards it, me slipping on an uneven tarmac ramp was almost inevitable!  Both my legs buckled under me, ripping holes in both my jeans (hello Bros fans) and one of my ballet shoes.  I was quite badly grazed on my foot, hands and both my knees and one of my hands, as well as my hand.  Whilst all my cuts and grazes healed up, as well as my bruised pride, both my knees have been scarred with discoloured, leathery skin.

I’ve been religiously scrubbing and semi-religiously moisturising my knees for the past two years, but this hasn’t improved the scarring.  I don’t want to have blotchy, patching knees at my sister’s wedding in August, so I’m resorting to trying out Bio-oil.  I’ve not used it before, but it is apparently a wonder-product, so I’m excited to try it out.  I’m going to be massaging it onto my knees twice a day between now and August, as well as continuing with body scrubs daily.  The bottle says it needs 3 months to work, so that should be enough time to sort out my knees by the end of August.  I will update later in the year how this is working.  If you have any suggestion that might also help, please let me know!

Thanks for reading! xx


rhiiwn said...

My boyfriend used bio-oil for some scars he had on his back and he said it worked wonders! :)

Rhiannon xo

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at this, not at you please but at the title, if I had to do a series on my problem areas I would be here until kingdom come, at the moment my tummy is so protruberent that I haven't seen my knees in about 6 months. I wish you every success with Bio Oil, and with the summer perhaps some wash off fake tan may help? Jan xx

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

@Rhiiwn - let's hope it works for me as well! Good to hear it works for someone else.

@Jan - well, there will be a few more posts coming about my problem areas - there are quie a few of them! I did try fake tan last year, but it made them worse!

Anonymous said...

When I look at this picture all I see is slim legs and normal knees!


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