Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Product Love - Shea Body Scrub from The Body Shop

I’m usually very fussy about body and facial scrubs – generally I like them to do nothing more than scrub my skin, usually quite abrasively, and I dislike scrubs that leave a residue on my skin to moisturise.  I usually use a scrub prior to shaving my legs, so I like to have a residue-free surface to work from!  However, the Shea Body Scrub from the Body Shop has totally converted me – I love this scrub, despite the residue it leaves on my skin.    

The body scrub is made of a thick, creamy paste.  I find that it works best when a handful or two is applied to dry skin and rubbed in well.  The paste tends to stick to your skin, and works well as an abrasive (but not too abrasive) scrub.  Once I’ve fully scrubbed my dry skin, I then get under the shower, and continue scrubbing – at this point, the scrubbing granules start to dissolve and the scrub gradually washes away, leaving a slight filmy residue on my skin.  However, this residue isn’t at all thick or gloopy, it’s more like a light film.  I’ve found that I have been able to shave my legs after using it, and it doesn’t interfere with the razor.  I’ve also been getting my legs waxed recently and have been religiously scrubbing to prevent in grown hairs – the Shea Body Scrub does a brilliant job of getting rid of them.

I like the smell of the scrub – it’s quite light and not too overpowering and doesn’t interfere with any perfume I apply later.  At the same time, it’s quite a fresh and natural smell.  The dual function of this scrub dissolving to a filmy residue leaves my skin feeling really well moisturised and looking sheeny.

So all in all, I’m converted by this product – I’ve really enjoyed the effect it has on my skin – it feels and looks much better and smoother, and the moisturising function is really lovely.  I received this for Christmas, and I’ve nearly finished the pot.  Luckily I have a £30 voucher for the Body Shop that I need to spend before the end of May, so I’ll definitely be stocking up with another pot of this!  Incidentally I also got Shea Butter shower gel and body butter in the same Christmas gift – I wasn’t nearly so enthusiastic about these  two items, but the Body Scrub gets a big thumbs up

Shea Body Scrub is available from The Body Shop and costs £5 for 50ml and £12.50 for 200ml - I'd definitely recommend getting the bigger and better value pot, as I personally use a big dollop of this stuff. 

Thanks for reading!  xx


Anonymous said...

Did someone say scrub!!! My favourite word. I never thought the TBS scrubs were rough enough for me but I've not tried this one so I shall take your word for it. I've really struggled to find stuff to buy in TBS lately.

Lauren said...

I love the body shop products, I the body butters constantly and get through about one a month haha, will definitely be buying a scrub from them next xx

Vintage and Cake said...

Yes I love this too! I need to get some more I love anything with shea butter in it's just so bloody good for your skin. Hope you are well missy xx

Ezzy said...

heard loads about this scrub. never got a chance myself to try it though. lovely review.

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