Friday, 6 April 2012

March Empties

Two empties posts in a row!  I promise that I do have other things to blog about coming up, but here's what I got through in March:

Hair Care

I got through a load of hair care stuff in March - a lot of it was from gift sets I got in the sales after Christmas as a way of trying more expensive ranges for not many pounds.

Ojon Dry Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner - I did really like this and I would use it again, BUT I hated the bottles that the product was in, particularly the conditioner.  The bottles were made from really solid plastic and with such a thick product inside, I only got two uses out of the conditioner.  There were at least two more applications in the bottle, but despite shaking, inverting the bottle, and trying to get it out, I couldn't, so what a waste!
Philip  Kingsley Shampoo and Conditioner - actually nothing spectacular - I liked it, but it didn't wow me.
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme - on the other hand, this stuff was amazing!  It's a pre-shampoo treatment and it did wonders for my hair.  I got two applications out of this sachet and I've got two more sachets of it in my stash.  Something I'd definitely buy in the future.
Fekkai Advanced Shea Butter Ultra Rich Mask - I think I paid £15 for a gift set which included this mask, a glossing cream and a hairspray, but this product on its own retails for £25 - bargain!  Actually, looking on HQ Hair, you can buy the gift set I got for £25, or pay £25 for the product alone - why would you do that?  As for the product, it was a really nice conditioner - it wasn't £25 worth of nice, but at £15 with two other products, it was a good deal.

Shower Gel

Korres Guava Shower Gel - this was another sale bargain, think I paid £5 for it, and it's up there as one of my favourite shower gels ever.  It smells lovely, makes a great lather and lasts for ages (over a month on two showers a day).  Definitely something I'd consider repurchasing once the shower gel mountain has receded.

Face Care

Clarins Multi Active Night Cream - another sale gift-set purchase.  It was nice and moisturising, particularly in the colder months and it wasn't too heavy like some night creams can be - you could wear it under makeup.  It wasn't a knock-out product though.
Palmers Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub - I've had this knocking around for ages - I went between liking it and hating it.  It's a good scrub for occasional use, but not for a daily scrub.  The kernels are quite large and can be a bit too scratchy rather than scrubby.
Bliss Pore Perfecting Facial Polish - another scrub, another gift set and another item I wasn't blown away by.  This works fine as a daily scrub, but it's too gentle for me, I like a scrubbier scrub.  It also didn't last very long.  I'm so fussy about my facial scrubs!

Lotions and Potions

I'm back on my mission to reduce my moisturiser mountain, so there are a few I got through here.

Scholl Hard Skin Softening Cream - a foot cream that's OK - not as good as Flexitol though.
The Sanctuary Body Butter - I've used this before, I like the smell and great for the winter.
Bliss Lemon and Sage Maximum Moisturiser Cream - loved this stuff.  It lasted ages, felt lovely on my skin and smelt great.  It says on the bottle that it was developed as a massage cream, and I used it for that purpose as I've developed lots of injuries in my marathon training.  I was able to massage my calves for about 10 minutes without reapplying, but it didn't leave any stickiness, just softness.

So, quite a few things got through in March - no makeup though.  Hopefully there will be some more in April!

Thanks for reading! xx


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