Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bristol Fashion and Beauty Round Up - December

Hopefully this post will keep you up to date with all that is happening in the world of fashion and beauty in Bristol in December.  There's plenty going on this month, but if I've missed anything out, please let me know!

Goodness and Wonder

Firstly, Goodness and Wonder are holding a workshop tomorrow evening (1st December) at the St Werburgh's Community Centre in Bristol on making your own Christmas presents.  It starts at 7pm and costs £39.  I had intended to go myself, but unfortunately, I can't make it as my office is moving tomorrow, so I might try out some of their other workshops in the new year - I'd love to have a go at making my own beauty products!

Blinkz Eyelashes

Again, tomorrow (1st December) Blinkz Eyelashes have a special offer in their Staple Hill salon, Glitzy Nails and Beauty.  You can get a full set of semi-permanent eyelashes for £35.  If you're interested, it's worth following Aimee on Twitter, as she regularly tweets about special offers and they sound fab!

Teepee Bristol

Ali from Teepee Bristol contacted me to let me know about a special offer she has on at the moment.  New for December, she is launching the Teepee Bristol TREATment which costs just £25.  She says it is a lovely warming treatment of a 30 minute stimulating back massage with warm zingy oil to get the circulation going plus a choice of 15 minutes head/hands/feet massage.  Based in Backfields Lane, just off Stokes Croft, this sounds like a lovely treat after a hard spot of Christmas shopping in town.  The TREATment will be available until spring, so you could go after you've hit the sales as well!

My Street Chic

My Street Chic are holding a Fashion Bloggers Christmas Party... and guess what?  It's in Bristol!  The even will be held on Friday 16th December at 7pm at Java on Park Street.  The event costs £5 and includes a fashion show of partywear from Boohoo, a goodie bag and DJs once the fashion show is over.  Fashion and beauty bloggers are welcome and it sounds really fab.  Unfortunately, it clashes with my work Christmas party, so I can't make it myself - boo!

Grace Emmerson Makeup Lessons

I've blogged before about Grace Emmerson and she is teaming up with makeup artist Nina Norman to hold a makup lesson using Dr Hauschka products.  This will be held on Wednesday 7th December between 10.30am - 3pm.  Individual sessions cost £30 and last 45 minutes - they include a goodie bag of products as well.

Space NK

As an N.dulge member, Space NK sent me an email saying they are having a Christmas shopping event on Wednesday 7th December (which is also open for non-N.dulge members).  However, they don't have a list of times of individual stores opening for the evening, so you'll have to email or ring up if you want to visit the store in Bristol.  The event costs £10, redeemable against purchases and if you spend £60, you'll get a free candle.  If you spend more than £120, you'll get even more gifts.  Being Space NK, you'll probably get a load of goodies free as well...

Harvey Nichols

Finally, I was sent a photo of Harvey Nichols' Christmas window display and I thought I'd post it here as it looks quite wow! 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sample Sunday - Avon Solutions Ageless Results Day Cream AM

Another moisturiser post for my Sample Sunday - I'm on a no-spend at the moment, so I'm using up my moisturiser samples to make my actual moisturisers last longer!  Today I'm testing out the am day cream sample for Avon Ageless Solutions Ageless Results.  I'll do the pm sample next week.

So what are my thoughts?  Well it's a decent sized sample, so I'll have a couple more applications after today.  It's a relatively rich cream, although it's light enough to use as a day cream under makeup.   It smells inoffensive, and I actually quite liked the cream.  I've only popped out for a bit today with this on, so I've not spent much time outside.  However, it seemed to be coping well in the cold weather, when my skin often goes haywire.  It feels moisturising and my skin doesn't feel at all tight as some anti-ageing moisturisers often make it feel.

I'm quite looking forward to trying the night cream as well - potentially a cream to purchase in the future.

I think this is the product on the Avon website, priced at £8 (on offer, usually £11).  Avon are always changing product names and discontinuing things - stop doing it Avon!

Thanks for reading! xx

The Bristol Beauty Blog's Christmas Gift Guide - Under £10 and Stocking Fillers

I thought I do some posts on some ideas I've had for Christmas gifts.  Today I'm looking at the lower priced range of gifts, good for stocking fillers and lower priced presents.

From Superdrug, I spotted this Sweet Snuggles Hot Water Bottle for £5.99.  Very cute, and perfect for a girlie girl!

For a younger teenager, I really like this Colourworks 18 Eye Shadow Palette, a snip at £6.99.  This is also from Superdrug and I think it would be suitable for a teenager who's beginning to experiment with makeup - there's a really good range of colours.

Also at Superdrug, and for a bargain £1.99, this Natural Moods Mini Care Set with a relaxing bath soak and body lotion is a perfect stocking filler.  I might also pick up one or two as "extra" gifts - you know, when someone gets you a present and you haven't got them one back in return!  The Superdrug gifts are also on 3 for 2, which makes them even more of a good deal!

Scrubbing gloves are something I use quite often, but usually come in really boring colours.  I'm currently using black glittery ones I got for Christmas a couple of years ago, but these Festive Striped Bath Gloves would make a nice change!  I love the pattern and they'd also be a perfect stocking filler.  These cost £4 from The Body Shop.

I don't know about you, but I often get really rubbish brushes for Christmas as presents from distant relatives.  However, I wouldn't turn my nose up if I received this Gift-set of Make-up Brushes from The Body Shop - they're known for being good quality.  This is currently retailing at £17.50 until 28 November (rather than £25) and contains 4 useful brushes.  

At Debenhams, you can pick up these Black Glitter Nails by Star by Julian McDonald.  They're currently on offer for £6.40, although they usually cost £8.  I'd definitely like to see these in my Christmas stocking!

I think this collection of Pin Up Nail Polishes by Floozie by Frost French at Debenhams is really cute.  The polish bottles have a variety of designs and the colours look great.  This is currently on offer at £8 (normally £10).

This one would be great for a teenager - The Eyeliner Collection from Ruby Hammer Recommends at Debenhams is only £7 for 10 metallic pencils.  There is a wide range of colours in the set - actually, forget a teenager, I'd really like it myself!

If you think that you need to earn megabucks to shop at Harvey Nichols, you should think again.  They have quite a few things in their Christmas gift range for under £10 including some really cute palettes from Stila at £10.  My favourite is Stila Striking In South Beach which contains 4 eye colours, a blusher and a bronzer.

Who doesn't love Cath Kidston?  Perfect for your Granny or your best friend, John Lewis has a range of Cath Kidston gifts which are reasonably priced.  The Wild Flower Lipbalm Set costs £10 and has 3 lipbalms in it.  The Cherry Blossom Soap With Dish looks great and only costs £7.

At House of Fraser, you can get these Urban Decay Mini Tattoos for £8.  I think they'd be perfect for older teenagers and younger adults as a stocking filler.

This Bliss Santa's Little Helpers Set contains a lip balm and hand cream and costs £10 at House of Fraser.  I'd really like to get this in my stocking!

Over at Boots, they're selling Philosophy products packaged as ornaments.You can buy this Philosophy Ornament Gingerbread Girl for a mere £7 and hang it on your tree before using it in the shower!

Also at Boots, the Burts Bees Trio Tin Gift Set contains lipbalm, handsalve and cuticle balm for only £9.99

Finally, if you head to the Cats Protection League website you can buy virtual gifts for your family and friends.  You can buy a virtual toy for £5, a virtual lifesaving Christmas Dinner for £12 or even a virtual rehome for £1,500, as well as other virtual gifts in a range of prices - definitely one for cat lovers!  The Cats Protection League also have a range of real gifts which are available here.  Purrfect for feline fans (groan)!

Anyway, I hope that has given you a few ideas on what to buy your friends and family at the lower price range.  I am planning to have a look at slightly more expensive gifts, budget busting gifts and also my pick of fragrances and fragrance gift sets over the next couple of weeks as well.

Thanks for reading! xx

Saturday, 26 November 2011

What's Happening In Fashion and Beauty in Bristol in December - Let me know your events and special offers!

It's that time of the month not THAT time of the month, but the time where I put out the call to people in Bristol and the south west to send me details of what is happening in Bristol next month.  Come on people, there must be lots of events happening in December!  Send me details of any special events, product launches, Christmas shopping evening, anything really beauty or fashion related taking place in Bristol and the south west next month! 

Feel free to email or tweet me with details of you events and I'll include it in my roundup to be published next Wednesday or Thursday!

Thanks for reading! xx

November's Glossy Box

I'm not too wowed this month with my Glossy Box - seeing other people's posts, I was hoping for Philip Kingsley Elasticizer.  However, after I'd trecked down to the sorting office this morning (bemoaning the fact the postie is currently ignoring my parcel safe) I was a teeny bit disapointed that I didn't have the Elasticizer.

My box had the following products:

Arbonne FC5 Ultra Hydrating Hand Creme - I've not tried this one before, but I do like a good hand cream, so I'm looking forward to trying this out.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Dead Sea Bath Salts - I got some Dead Sea scrub sachets in my Glossy Box a few months ago as well.  I'm not really into baths, so I have a huge stash of bath products that never get used!  Perhaps I should set a new challenge to use them up???

Monu Recovery Balm - this looks like a facial moisturiser, and a full sized one as well - I'm looking forward to using it.  I do like to try out facial moisturisers, and this felt quite nice when I tried it on my hand.

Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps - this is my second nail wraps product from Glossy Box and I've still not used the first one!  I like the leopard print pattern and I might actually try these out over Christmas.  I may get my sister to help me put these on at Christmas, as no doubt I'd mess it up if I try it myself.

Serge Lutens L'Eau Serge Lutens - I've not smelt this before, and I usually like uni-sex fragrances so this will be interesting to sniff.

Vitriol d'Oeillet Sample - Another one I've not smelt before.  I had a little spray of this when I opened my box and I really like it - I think it's a little like Prada Candy, but slightly more masculine which isn't a bad thing!

So the Arbonne hand cream, the Monu face balm and the Vitriol d'Oeillet sample are all thumbs up from me.  I will try out the nail wraps and the Serge Lutens fragrance and the Dead Sea bath salts will get added to my bathing stash and will eventually get used.

Not the best Glossy Box ever, but also not the worst!  What did you get in yours this month?

Thanks for reading! xx

Houston We Have a Problem Body Moisturiser Challenge - Update #3

This is a little update on my ongoing challenge to severely reduce my body moisturiser stash.  For a quick recap, I had 26 body lotions, and I wanted to get down to 16 by Christmas.  Since I started the challenge, I accidentally bought an extra moisturiser and I chucked out one that was off, so I still had 26.  In my previous updates, I've managed to get through 7 moisturisers, so I had 19 to go.

I'm pleased to say that I've now got another 4 empties for your viewing pleasure!  This means I've smashed my original target of 16 already, now only having 15 left to go!  To be fair, I've dealt with many of the "easy" ones, and most of what remains are larger bottles.  However, there are still a few smaller bottles I can get through, and I've now decided that my Christmas target is to get down to 12 bottles remaining.  If I make it, I'll have cleared more than half of my moisturiser stash in just 3 months - not bad going!

So here's a quick review of today's empties:

Cassis Rose by The Body Shop - I hate this stuff!  I thought I already had got through a bottle of it earlier in the year, and looking at some beauty diet posts I did in Feb and January, I had!  I've never bought it for myself, but yet it keeps reapearing in my stash.  I'm  not a  mad fan of rose smells and I just don't like this lotion at all.  Let's hope I don't get any more for Christmas!

Hand and Body Lotion by The White Company - I've used this is posh hotels and I quite like it.  I don't think I'd ever buy it for myself, as it's not my perfect body lotion.  However, it doesn't smell of much, is easy to apply and absorb and makes my skin feel moisturised - I definitely wouldn't turn up my nose if I got it as a present or in a hotel again.

Spa Invigorating Body Lotion (gift set from Tesco) - Despite it's packaging, this is more of a lotion than a body butter - it's pretty light.  However, it has a gorgeous smell, quite citrusy and I really liked the lotion.

Shea Butter Body Lotion by The Body Shop - an old favourite, very moisturising and perfect for winter - not much more to say about this!

So I've got three more to go to hit my new target of 12 - I'm sure I can do it!

Thanks for reading! xx

Friday, 25 November 2011

Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge - Update #1

Sorry this is so late - I left home at 6 this morning and returned at about half nine in the evening - what a long day I've had in London!

I did manage to weigh in for the first time this morning, and I'm pleased to report that I've lost a pound!  Whoo hoo!

To be honest, my diet and exercise has been a bit stop/start this week.  I've done a 4 mile run and gone to pilates, but a run I had scheduled for yesterday was scuppered as I ended up working really late, and then I came home and ate rubbish!  Today I managed to drink only skinny lattes and water whilst I was out and about in London, but I did eat half a lemon drizzle cake that was forced on me by a client (I had to eat it to be polite) and I did eat some yummy thai food at the amazing Churchill Arms in Notting Hill with my big sister after I finished working.  To be fair, we shared a main course, so hopefully it wasn't too fatty!


Katie, the Bristol Beauty Blog - Week 1: Lost 1 lb
Rachelle, Behind the Shoes - Week 1: Lost 4 lb
Ray, Who is She??? - Week 1: Lost 1.5 lb
Mrs Ari
Missy Ellie, Ellie's Beauty Blog
Hannah, Betwixt Beauty
Lucy, Beauty and the Blogger
Kat, Kat's Beauty Reviews Week 1: Lost 1lb
Elle, Beauty Abroad Week 1: Lost 2lb already!
Lovelaine94, Fi's Beauty Box

If you've started losing weight already and weighed in today, let me know what you've lost and I'll update this post.  If not, I will post again next Friday and hopefully there will be a big loss from everyone!

If you want to join in, the aim is to lose 7lb by Friday 23rd December and look fabulous for Christmas!  Just let me know and I'll add you to the list.

Thanks for reading! xx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My Mac Lipstick Collection

I've been tidying up some of makeup, so I thought I'd do post and swatches of my Mac lipstick collection.  I have 6 Mac lipsticks, from a number of different collections.

From the main line range I have the following lipsticks: Hug Me (which has lost its label, but is a lustre formula), Lovelorne which is also a lustre, and Creme Cup which is a Cremesheen formula.

Of all of these, I use Hug Me the most, as it's a very wearable, brownish pink colour which is perfect for day to day use.

Hug Me
Lovelorne and Creme Cup are actually quite similar toned, although I think Lovelorne is slightly deeper in colour than Creme Cup which is more bubble-gum pink, although it doesn't actually appear so in the swatches.

Creme Cup

L-R Hug Me, Lovelorne, Creme Cup

I have two lipsticks from the Wonder Woman Collection - Russian Red which is a Matte finish (and I think available in the main line as well) and Marquise D' a lustre finish.  From the To The Beach Collection I have Thrills which is a frost finish.

I've never worn Russian Red (apart from trying it on the first time I got it).  It doesn't actually suit me, it's a bit full-on and cool toned for my skin tone. 

Russian Red

Marquise D' is an everyday colour that I often wear.  It's much paler in the swatch and on the skin than in the tube and I'm sure it will suit most people. 

Marquise D'

Thrills is my absolute favourite lipstick ever - surprisingly, it's an orange toned red, shot through with a lovely shimmer.  I totally love it, and I often wear it on nights out.  It's the one lipstick that I have a back-up of, as I've never seen a dupe and it's limited edition.  My good friend even bought this after seeing me wear it, she loved the colour so much!

L-R Russian Red, Marquise D', Thrills

So not a huge number of Mac lipsticks, but I think they're pretty well loved (Russian Red aside).  What is your favourite Mac lipstick?

Thanks for reading! xx

Monday, 21 November 2011

Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge - Anyone Want To Join?

Last year I ran a weight loss challenge for fellow bloggers in the run up to Christmas.  I wasn't going to this year, but I realised that I've put on nearly half a stone since the summer - eek!  I thought to mitigate some of the damage that Christmas will cause, I'll set myself a little challenge to try and lose that half a stone before Christmas!

I've got nearly 5 weeks, so losing weight at a sensible 1-2lb per week should mean that 7lb is more than possible.  I've weighed in today and have started this morning, however, I thought that if anyone wants to join me I'd hold official weigh in days on Fridays.  That way Friday 23rd December will be the last day of the challenge - just in time to tuck into Christmas goodies!

If you want to join me, just comment, tweet or email me and also include your blog name if you have one.  If you want to start dieting today, let me know and you can have your first weigh in on Friday.  If you do want to join, I'll post every Friday and you can let me know how much you have lost that week and in total.  You don't have to give your starting weight, just how much you have lost.

The more the merrier!  This is a supportive challenge, not a competitive one, so don't worry if you only lose a pound - we're here to support you!


Katie, the Bristol Beauty Blog
Rachelle, Behind the Shoes
Ray, Who is She???
Mrs Ari
Missy Ellie, Ellie's Beauty Blog
Hannah, Betwixt Beauty
Lucy, Beauty and the Blogger
Kat, Kat's Beauty Reviews

I recommend a gradual and sensible approach to weight loss, so I think a 7lb target for everyone is sensible - although I find if I haven't dieted for a while, there's quite often a big loss in the first week!

Thanks for reading! xx

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sample Sunday - L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Youth Code Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream

I've had a very busy weekend, driving to London and back for an 80th birthday!  Anyway, I remembered to take a sample with me to try out today - L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Youth Code Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream.  I've not really tried much from L'Oreal before, as I'm kind of put off by their psudo-scientific and cheesy adverts, but I can definitely do with a bit of help with minimising wrinkles, so I thought I'd give this a go.

I have to say that I don't really like it.  Although it's not a bad moisturiser and a I reckon I'll get a second application from it, it's not great in the cold weather.  I spent quite a bit of time outside today, as well as travelling and my skin is feeling tight and battered from the cold - I wish I'd worn a richer cream today.  The tightening of the skin is probably a good thing for the rejuvenating claims, and had I tried this on a warm and sunny day or a day when I was staying indoors, I probably would have really liked this.  However, in the cold and mist, I didn't get on with this at all. 


I'm planning to use a really rich night cream today as I think my skin needs it!

Thanks for reading! xx

Friday, 18 November 2011

No Spend Challenge - A Little Update

Hi everyone!  A couple of weeks ago I set off on a total no-spend beauty and clothing challenge.  I thought I'd update you on how I was doing.

Well, I have been doing so well - I've literally not bought anything fashion or beauty related - and that includes toothpaste, although I did get Mr TBBB to buy some when it was his turn to pay for the groceries!  I went to a Boots Christmas Shopping Night and managed to accrue points galore without buying a thing for myself - it was all for other people.  I've not bought any magazines for freebies and have stayed well clear of Boots at all other times

So I should be here polishing my halo, don't you think?!  Well I was  feeling very smug about my no spends until I had an email.  A little email which I'd usually love, but today made my heart sink.  It said "Your Glossy Box has been shipped".  Damn it - I'd forgotten all about that and it was all going so well!

I'm not going to beat myself up about it, but I'm annoyed that I forgot about it.  I'm going to be filling in all my Glossy Dots like mad so my December box should at least be free!

Anyone else doing a no spend challenge?  How are you finding it?

Thanks for reading! xx 

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

L'Occitane Fleur De Cerisier Cherry Blossom Bath and Shower Gel

I seem to be slightly obsessed with L'Occitane products at the moment, reviewing them for my most recent Sample Sundays and now a review on their Cherry Blossom Bath and Shower Gel.  Despite this recent obsession, I'd not tried any L'Occitane products until about this time last year when I got one of their hand creams free with a magazine.  I've certainly remedied that this year!

Cherry Blossom Bath and Shower Gel is a really lovely product to use in the shower (as I rarely take baths).  It's a pale peachy coloured liquid in a large bottle with a handy pump action.  It is very delicately scented - it smells very nice, fresh and not too sweet, but it isn't a very strong scent.  I have to put my nose right up to the gel to get a whiff, and by the time it's been applied to my shower puff and my skin, I have to say, I really have to remember to smell it - it's not in your face fragrance-wise.  I really like the idea of cherry blossom scent, but I've never bought a product fragranced with cherry blossom that has a strong scent.  This certainly won't linger on your skin or interfere with any other scent you are wearing.  I'll have to try the Eau de Toilette in this scent range to see if it's any stronger.

In terms of performance, it's really easy to apply with the pump dispenser.  I use between 2-4 pumps on my shower puff and that's enough for cleaning my whole body, producing plenty of suds.  It is easily washed away and is non drying on my skin.

Probably the best thing about this is its longevity.  I started using my bottle of Cherry Blossom Bath and Shower Gel back at the beginning of August.  I took the photos here a couple of weeks ago, but I'm only now getting down to the very dregs of the bottle.  And I usually take 2 showers a day!  That's more than 3 months for a single shower gel (with a week's holiday where I didn't use it).  It's very good value, when some cheaper shower gels only last a couple of weeks - you don't need much to get a good foam.

The bottle is incredibly beautiful, with an imprint of cherry blossom on the side.  I wish I'd photographed this with the bottle full, as you can't really capture it almost empty.  But, despite its beauty, my one gripe with this product is the shape of the bottle.  I'm pretty pushed for space, so I like things to be neat and tidy so I can stow them away easily, even if they are as pretty as this.  Therefore, I want my products to be round, square or rectangular.  However, it's a large bottle and is an off-set diamond shape.  Diamond, I could live with, but off-set?!  I'm sure this is part of the creative design process, but it means it doesn't stack easily and takes up far more space than it should do.  Before I started to actually use this, I had it in a storage box and I had to take the lid off and have half the bottle sticking out of the box, whereas if it were a conventional design, it would've fitted in and the lid of the box would've been on.
I bought this at the Bicester Designer Outlet, in a gift set with a full-sized moisturiser as well, so I'm not entirely sure how much I paid for it, but I think it was around £20 for the both.  I clearly got a really good deal, as my shower gel is 500ml sized and it seems you can only now buy this in 250ml size (without the pump).  The 250ml size costs £13 from L'Occitane, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic, although Debenhams has 10% off all body care at the time of writing, so it's reduced from £13 to £11.70.  

Thanks for reading! xx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Haus of Gloi - Saft Ernte Bubbling Scrub Review

Hous of Gloi body and bathing products seem meet universal approval in the blogasphere.  I've been keen to try one for myself, so I finally succombed and ordered Saft Ernte Bubbling Scrub.  It came to around $17 including shipping, which is about £11.  The scent is described as:

"a merry drink of harvest and glowing with warmth: peach juice simmering with sweet spices, pumpkin, silken hazelnut cream and made completely curious with a drop of orange blossom water"

What can I add to this fantastic description?  Not much really!  It smells peachy, nutty and sweet, but not over-powering.  It smells lovely when you use it on your skin, and although I don't think it lingers on my body, the scent does linger in my bathroom.  I've used this a couple of times now and both times, several hours later caught a whiff of it when going back into my bathroom.

As for the scrub itself, well I'm not a body scrub connoisseur - I'll leave that to Mrs Skin Scrubs as facial scrubs are more my area.  However, I really like it.  I'm not a religious scrub user, but I know what I do and don't like.  I like a nice a scratchy scrub, but not too scratchy and I dislike any scrub that leaves an oily residue on my skin.  On both these fronts, Safte Ernte performs well.  It's thick and a little goes a long way - I can see this lasting a long time.

After I've used it, my skin feels amazing - really polished and smooth and ready to moisturise (which is absorbed really well after using this scrub).  I've also used it before shaving my legs and it really prepares the hairs on my legs prior to shaving - I got a really good, close and clean shave.

Unfortunately, this was part of the autumn/Halloween collection, so is currently not available to buy.  However, there are many other fragrances available from Haus of Gloi, including limited edition Christmas collections.  Haus of Gloi products are all vegan and cruelty free. I wish I wasn't on a spending ban at the moment, otherwise I'd be purchasing plenty more.  This is definitely a skincare company I'll be going back to in the future!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 14 November 2011

NOTD - Mavala Bronze Green

If you've followed any of my nail of the day posts before, you'll know that I'm a big fan of Mavala nail polishes - I've never had one that I don't love.  They're small, but perfectly formed, easy to apply, fast drying, have a good consistency, don't chip easily and come in a fantastic range of colours.  I love the fact that they're small, especially for a nail polish magpie like me who rarely wears the same colour twice!

Bronze Green is no exception, I love it, and I think it's a perfect autumnal shade.  The colour is from the carousel collection and I've had it for about a year.

Mavala polishes are also very reasonable.  I've been buying them at Debenhams and John Lewis for £4.10 each.  However, after reading a post by Georgia on my Mind, I'll now be purchasing them at BeautyBay for a bargainous £2.99!  Also, Beauty Bay has the largest range of colours, including Bronze Green.

Thanks for reading! xx

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sample Sunday - L'Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream With Shea Butter

I seem to be only sampling L'Occitane products for my Sample Sundays at the moment - this is the last one I have!

L'Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream with Shea Butter basically does exactly what it says on the packet - it's a very rich face cream which I think would be lovely in colder weather.  There was only enough in the sachet for a single application, as opposed to last week's Sample Sunday when I had enought for two, so it's more product-intensive than other creams by L'Occitane.  Rich creams ofen break me out, so I'd like to try this for a bit longer before making a decision.  However, it doesn't feel too heavy on my face and although it was easily absorbed, and my face feels really moisturised.


L'Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream is available from all the usual outlets at £29.50.  However, it's currently on offer at Debenhams for £26.55.

My sample stash has just been swelled by 3 sachets of Palmolive shower gel I picked up with a goodie bag at the races last week!  Despite all my efforts, my stash doesn't seem to be getting any smaller!

Thanks for reading! xx


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