Saturday, 26 November 2011

Houston We Have a Problem Body Moisturiser Challenge - Update #3

This is a little update on my ongoing challenge to severely reduce my body moisturiser stash.  For a quick recap, I had 26 body lotions, and I wanted to get down to 16 by Christmas.  Since I started the challenge, I accidentally bought an extra moisturiser and I chucked out one that was off, so I still had 26.  In my previous updates, I've managed to get through 7 moisturisers, so I had 19 to go.

I'm pleased to say that I've now got another 4 empties for your viewing pleasure!  This means I've smashed my original target of 16 already, now only having 15 left to go!  To be fair, I've dealt with many of the "easy" ones, and most of what remains are larger bottles.  However, there are still a few smaller bottles I can get through, and I've now decided that my Christmas target is to get down to 12 bottles remaining.  If I make it, I'll have cleared more than half of my moisturiser stash in just 3 months - not bad going!

So here's a quick review of today's empties:

Cassis Rose by The Body Shop - I hate this stuff!  I thought I already had got through a bottle of it earlier in the year, and looking at some beauty diet posts I did in Feb and January, I had!  I've never bought it for myself, but yet it keeps reapearing in my stash.  I'm  not a  mad fan of rose smells and I just don't like this lotion at all.  Let's hope I don't get any more for Christmas!

Hand and Body Lotion by The White Company - I've used this is posh hotels and I quite like it.  I don't think I'd ever buy it for myself, as it's not my perfect body lotion.  However, it doesn't smell of much, is easy to apply and absorb and makes my skin feel moisturised - I definitely wouldn't turn up my nose if I got it as a present or in a hotel again.

Spa Invigorating Body Lotion (gift set from Tesco) - Despite it's packaging, this is more of a lotion than a body butter - it's pretty light.  However, it has a gorgeous smell, quite citrusy and I really liked the lotion.

Shea Butter Body Lotion by The Body Shop - an old favourite, very moisturising and perfect for winter - not much more to say about this!

So I've got three more to go to hit my new target of 12 - I'm sure I can do it!

Thanks for reading! xx


Mina Slater said...

Wow you had so much moisturizer! I love the Shea Butter from the Body Shop too! You can totally get 3 more emptied, just don't slip up & buy any new ones ;)

Beauty Balm said...

you are doing really well! I love the Body Shop Moroccan Rose range, not tried the Cassis Rose one. I'll be interested to hear how many new ones you get at Christmas! x

Clare @ said...

My goodness, that's amazing!! I'm terrible at finishing things :(

Victoria said...

Well done! I need to deal with my body lotions and moisturisers too, they just keep multiplying and I know I will end up with more at Christmas!

Ess-Jay24 said...

Wow you're doing really well! I say this everytime, but i do really need to start using my moisturisers up!

Omar Faruq said...

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