Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bristol Fashion and Beauty Round Up - November


Well ladies, I've got nothing to blog about this month :(  There must be something happening in Bristol this month!

I know that tonight there's an even at Debenhams, but I don't have many details about it, and it's probably too late by now.

A week on Thursday (10th November) Boots are holding their Christmas Shopping Night where you can get 1200 points on top of points earned for every £50 you spend - I always get my Christmas shopping on these nights.  In Bristol, participating stores are Broadmead, The Mall and Emersons Green.  There's usually a further night two weeks after that as well.

Other than that, I'm out of ideas!  Do let me know if you have an event, product launch or special offer happening in Bristol or the South West in November, and I'll update this page.


Madame Guillotine said...

Well, I found the heads up about the Boots event very useful as I didn't know about it and have loads of stuff I want to buy from them this month so thank you for that! :)

Have you seen the Philosophy range in any of the Boots stores in Bristol? It's appeared on their website (it may have been there for ages but I'm not very observant!) but I'd prefer to buy instore. :)

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

@Madame Guillotine - glad someone found it helpful! No, I've not seen in it any stores, although I do have a coupon that they sent through to me for money off Philosophy. I went to Boots in the Mall recently, and didn't spot it (although I wasn't looking too hard). I reckon Broadmead's your best bet. John Lewis in the Mall do stock it as well, so you could have a sniff there and buy online from Boots (assuming you also have a coupon)? x

Anonymous said...

I don't have a coupon, alas but wanted to buy it from Boots as they have a points thing going on where you get 500 or something if you buy £20 worth of Philosophy, which is basically a bottle and a half. ;)

I'm obsessed with Boots points right now - this always happens just before Christmas. I tell myself I'll buy all my presents from them and save all the points up until the new year to buy myself perfume but then end up blowing the lot on hand wash and cotton wool before it has a chance to properly accrue... ;)

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