Monday, 21 November 2011

Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge - Anyone Want To Join?

Last year I ran a weight loss challenge for fellow bloggers in the run up to Christmas.  I wasn't going to this year, but I realised that I've put on nearly half a stone since the summer - eek!  I thought to mitigate some of the damage that Christmas will cause, I'll set myself a little challenge to try and lose that half a stone before Christmas!

I've got nearly 5 weeks, so losing weight at a sensible 1-2lb per week should mean that 7lb is more than possible.  I've weighed in today and have started this morning, however, I thought that if anyone wants to join me I'd hold official weigh in days on Fridays.  That way Friday 23rd December will be the last day of the challenge - just in time to tuck into Christmas goodies!

If you want to join me, just comment, tweet or email me and also include your blog name if you have one.  If you want to start dieting today, let me know and you can have your first weigh in on Friday.  If you do want to join, I'll post every Friday and you can let me know how much you have lost that week and in total.  You don't have to give your starting weight, just how much you have lost.

The more the merrier!  This is a supportive challenge, not a competitive one, so don't worry if you only lose a pound - we're here to support you!


Katie, the Bristol Beauty Blog
Rachelle, Behind the Shoes
Ray, Who is She???
Mrs Ari
Missy Ellie, Ellie's Beauty Blog
Hannah, Betwixt Beauty
Lucy, Beauty and the Blogger
Kat, Kat's Beauty Reviews

I recommend a gradual and sensible approach to weight loss, so I think a 7lb target for everyone is sensible - although I find if I haven't dieted for a while, there's quite often a big loss in the first week!

Thanks for reading! xx


@MrsAri said...

Just what I needed!

I have made a big effort this year and have lost 5 stone since January (some health issues contributed to this weight gain - that a being a pig).

I can feel me wavering mainly from boredom now but do want to lose 7lbs, although ideally 10lb before Christmas - am off on holiday fro christmas and new year - so this challenge suits me down to the ground.

Looking forward to all of us being successful.

missy_ellie_uk said...

I'm in! I've been gradually putting back on some of the weight I lost earlier this year, through laziness really, and it needs to stop!

Looking forward to a slightly slimmer Christmas for all of us :)

Ellie x

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Sounds like it's the same story for all of us! I lost about a stone in the early part of the year, but I've put on half a stone - since I did a half marathon in October, I've been eating anything I like and hardly exercising! I tried on my favourite dress that fitted perfectly in August and September - I could barely get it on! Good luck all!

betwixt beauty said...

I would love to get involved but I fear I am too lazy and too busy to do very well! I lost 2.5 stones going to WeightWatchers a while back and almost all of it has crept back on now I'm busy working full-time, filling my spare time with hobbies and have that laziness that comes from being settled and content! :)

What else do you need from me to get started?

Hannah xx

PS: Is there any chance someone can email me every few hours with platitudes such as: 'Oi! Step away from that biscuit/cake/wine podgy!'?? :)

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

I'm trying to lose serious weight - I'm a bridesmaid for my bessie next year and I WILL not ruin the pics! I've roped everyone at work in too and we're having weekly weighins so I'll join in too.

I need all the encouragement I can get, feeling disheartened already!


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