Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Gift With Purchase I Could Do Without

As you might know, I've been trying to use up all my lotions and potions recently by following a Beauty Diet: no unnecessary spending and trying to use up what products I do have cluttering up my cupboards.  One of the products I've been using was a GWP (gift with purchase) from Clinique - their Liquid Facial Soap in Mild.  This is supposed to be suitable for combination skin, which I have, without being drying.

I know that some people rave about Clinique's skincare expertise, and there are some Clinique facial products that I absolutely love.  As you may know, I'm a massive fan of their eyeshadows as well. However, I've never used the three-step-system, so I've not tried any of their cleansers before receiving this one.  My verdict is I'm not impressed.

I don't use soap on my face usually - infact the only soap I use is on my hands, as I find it very drying on my skin, and there are so many other lovely cleansers to use.  However, this Clinique Liquid Facial Soap is very definitely soap.  OK, it foams up well and appears to clean pretty well, but it smells like soap, acts like soap and it drys my skin out like soap does.  Despite the 'mild' claim, I don't find this any better than if I'd used a bar of soap and a flannel to wash my face.

There's no list of ingredients on the bottle.  However, looking at the ingredients online, it's full of chemicals, including sodium laureth sulphate.  I don't know how this relates to sodium lauryl sulphate - is it the same thing? 

I'm ploughing through it, as I don't like to waste a product, but I wish I'd never started it and just given it away instead!

A couple of last things - although this is packaged cheaply as it was a GWP, the cap on the soap has broken and it won't shut properly (after I took the pictures).  I would expect better from such a high-end brand, even if the product is given away.  The other thing I dislike about it is the colour of the bottle - it clashes horribly with my lovely Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic which is a lovely pale blue colour.  Even if it didn't clash, I still dislike the colour of the bottle!

I won't be buying this again, and if I receive it as a GWP, it's going straight to Give and Makeup!

Thanks for reading!  xx


Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

I hate this product too - don't know why they always give it away as a freebie, it's rubbish.

I do like Clinique's exfoliator and some of their moisturisers though :-)

Vintage and Cake said...

haha i can't use any of there washes or creams, they make my skin break out and are just too strong. Not a fan and I agree the packaging is crappy.

Dee said...

I've never bought it, but I've had it in a couple of GWPs and I quite like it for the shower in the morning when I just want to refresh my face (but not for removing makeup or anything). However, my BFF also got it in a GWP and she HATES it, so it's obviously quite a polarising product!

Anonymous said...

I have never gotten on with Clinique skin care, back in the dark ages the rumor was that toners contained acetone! Sometimes you just have to step away from the freebie. Jan x

Anonymous said...

I've got a few these from GWP's. I only use it when I'm desperate or when I go away for a night as it's easy to throw in a bag but I would never buy it. x


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