Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sample Sunday - Lancome Genifique Youth Activator

I've been a bit remiss on the Sample Sunday posts recently, so I thought I'd restart it again.  Today I'm trying Lancome Genifique Youth Activator.  I think it's a serum, so I used it as such, but it doesn't say on the packaging.  I got this as a GWP a while ago.

The serum is a milky coloured liquid that my skin soaked up instantly.  I had expected it to be a bit slippy, as many high-end serums are, and it was, but this soaked up into my skin so quickly that I used considerably more than I had anticipated using, as I had to squeeze out a bit more several times.  I don't think I've ever used a more absorbent product on my face.  I reckon I've only got a few uses of this product in this little tube.

I've never had a good experience with really high-end serums: I didn't like the Chanel one I tried, or the Murad one, both of which stung my skin and were very expensive.  However, this didn't sting at all, and although my skin didn't feel moisturised after using it, my skin felt great and toned, although not tight and so soft when I put on my actual moisturiser.

So I like this product, but will I be buying it again?  Absolutely not at around £55 for 30ml is my answer.  That's shockingly expensive considering the product doesn't appear to stretch very far.  I don't think I can justify spending more than £30 on a serum, and that would be one that lasts a few months.  For £55, I don't think 30ml would last even a month, so it would have to be absolutely magical on my skin to spend that much!

Have you tried this?  What is the most you would spend on a serum?

Thanks for reading!  xx


Ross said...

Hey. Love your blog! Genifique is a concentrate that can be used underneath and works differently to a serum. It's a Youth Activator that will stimulate the production of certain youth preserving proteins your genes express onto your skin so it gives you skin that is smoother, brighter and illuminated as if lit from within. 1 sold every 4 seconds now! Only 1/2 drops needed each day :) x

Anonymous said...

I've used it. I only applied it to my forehead as I dont really need youth activating just yet... Ive noticed my forehead feels.. tighter but not in a bad way, so I think it would be great if someone was having sagging issues as it could perhaps firm it up a little.

But no I wont be buying it, it costs to much and I dont need it...... yet. lol


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