Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 Challenges - Challenge 1 Shower Gel

You may know that I like a good challenge.  Having recently successfully completed some no spend and use up moisturiser challenges, I thought I'd embark on some new challenges for 2012.  My challenges are two-fold, trying to use up the stash of products that I have and to try to save money.  We're saving up for a new house and the less I have in my stash, the less I'll have to take with me when we eventually move!

Today I'm posting about my shower gel challenge.  My challenge is to not buy any shower gel for the whole of 2012.  I attempted this last year, but failed, buying three shower gels during the year.  I probably could have succesfully completed this challenge if I hadn't bought them, but it would've been very difficult.  Anyway, that's not the case this year.  My shower gel stash is brimming with products, swelled with Christmas and sale bargains.  I've also received lots of bubble bath at Christmas and as I rarely take baths, I use this in place of shower gel.  I have not doubt that I will successfully complete this challenge with shower gel and bubble bath to spare.

The photo of my stash shows I have 28 shower gels and bathing products.  I've also got one open that I'm using at the moment as well as one I forgot to include in the photo.  So that's 30 in total.  There's no way I'm going to use these all up by next Christmas, but I'll give it a good go.  I'm certainly going to hold myself to not buying any more shower gels in 2012.  I'll post occasionally about which ones I've used up.

Are you planning on any challenges in 2012?

Thanks for reading! xx

December Empties

Happy 2012 everyone!  I can't believe it's the new year already, how time flies!  Anyway, I've again saved all my empties up for the past month.  I've managed to get through quite a few things this month.


L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Shine Shampoo - this lasted me for ages.  It's clearly stuffed full of all chemicals, but my hair really liked it - one of the few shampoos I've used that doesn't tangle my long, thick hair.
Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner - I do like Aussie products, and I like this conditioner.


3 body lotions I've reviewed here.
The Sanctuary Body Wash - I've used this before and I like the smell, although it could do with being a bit more foamy.
Spa Invigorating Body Scrub - not so much a scrub, more a body wash with the occasional pathetic granual thrown in for good measure.  I got this in a gift set and although it smells really nice, its got the scrubbing ability of a piece of silk.
The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector - another thing I've used before.  I'm not a big fan of this, as I don't find it to make a dent on my poor tootsies.
2 deodorents - I'm not sure why I've included these!  One has been empty for ages, so this was an opportunity to chuck it!


Clinique Moisture Surge - a staple of my winter skincare regime.  I've opened a new one already.
Avon Solutions Ageless Results AM and PM Cream - I tried these as Sample Sundays earlier in the month.
Chantecaille Jasmin and Lily Healing Masque Sample - this was really nice - I'll do this as a Sample Sunday shortly.

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