Sunday, 8 August 2010

Is this the world's oldest makeup?

I'm thinking of turning this into a competition ... how old is your oldest bit of makeup?  

I know that you're supposed to change mascara every three months, and it generally dries out after about 5 or 6 months, but what about other products?  I mean I have eyeshadow sat in my makeup bag that have got to be 4 or 5 years old.  I've also got an eyeliner which I'm sure I bought in the late 1990s (it still works fine - I just sharpen it)!

But even my decade old eyeliner is nothing.  No, zooming into the lead with the oldest makeup I can think of is my Mum.  She still has original (and I mean 1960s original) Mary Quant eyeshadow!  And until recently, it was still used...  Here are some photos (love the green colour - most of the purple used was by me when I was a teenager and these clearly aren't the original brushes):

Now my Mum is not a makeup person - she only wears makeup on a night out, and minimal makeup at that.  Rummaging in her makeup bag this weekend, I found two lipsticks , some tinted moisturiser, a powder compact and two eye shadow duos (one blue one green).  That is it!  No mascara, no blusher, no eyeliner! She swore that she chucked out the Mary Quant eyeshadows, but I found them hidden away at the back of her toiletries drawer.  I was amazed that one of her lipsticks was Chanel, but she said she only had it as she forgot to take her make up bag on a cruise, so she had to buy it on board - it was Chanel or nothing!

We reckoned that these eyeshadows are 45 years old, given that she was a funky 60s girl, living in Kensington in the mid-60s. Can you beat 45 year old eyeshadow, or is this the world's oldest?


Anonymous said...

OMG how cool! hahaha a 45 year old eyeshadow...

The Bristol Beauty Blog said...

It is cool - or disgusting maybe!!! Is there such a thing as 'vintage' makeup? xx

Katastrophic said...

Haha that is pretty cool. Don't throw it out, okay? It may be worth something big one of these days. There may just be a market for vintage makeup.

The Bristol Beauty Blog said...

I know - I've got to stop her chucking it. She recently threw out a fantastic 1960s corduroy Selfridges minidress that was amazing - I can't believe she did that! x

Makeup Savvy said...

OH I loved reading this post - I know my mum use to wear Mary Quant clothes and also her nail polish.
But she definately doesn't have anything by her anymore so this was great to read about!

Fee x


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