Sunday, 15 August 2010

Chanel Paradoxal - NOTD

On Friday, I was so excited about my Chanel Paradoxal purchase, that I immediately posted a blog about it and promised pictures.  Well, finally, here they are.

I’ve included a range of pictures in different lights, so you can look at how it appears to be different colours dependent on the lighting.  It’s difficult to describe the colour – dark purple, grey perhaps, a slight touch of brown, with tiny little flecks of dark red sparkle that I can only see under a strong artificial light – it’s certainly an unusual and almost unique colour.  It’s not too ‘wacky’ so I can wear it to work - I can definitely see myself wearing it a lot over the autumn/winter period. 

So why has it taken so long to post pictures?  Well the answer is, I totally messed up my first application on Friday.  I put on a base of Sally Hanson Miracle Cure, two coats of Paradoxal and a top coat of something or other.  And then put on OPI Drip Dry.  And then went to bed two hours later, with perfect nails.  I woke up yesterday with really messed up nails, with the imprint of the bed sheets all over them and loads of chips – they obviously weren’t dry at all!  So these pictures are taken with a base coat and 1 to 1 ½ (where needed) coats of Paradoxal and no top coat.  I’m pleased to say that my second application survived the night.  I am intending to put a top coat on later today, but I’m going to have to sort out a couple of chips (already)! 

In terms of application, it’s quite thick and heavy to apply, so maybe it only really needs one coat – it’s pretty opaque anyway.  I’ve used easier to apply polishes, but I’ve also used far worse ones, so this is middling in application.

It clearly takes ages to dry, and chips, bubbles and smudges like anything.  So it does need to be looked after.

But the main thing is, it’s a gorgeous colour.  And it’s Chanel (did I mention that?).  It’s Chanel, and it’s fab!

Thanks for reading!  xx

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The Brunette said...

ooh nice colour and unusual xx


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