Monday, 2 August 2010

Beauty for blokes (that is good for girls as well)

There's not many of my boyfriend's beauty products that I would use.  Mainly because he doesn't have any!  I've used his conditioner in an emergency, the cheapest one from Tesco, and I wouldn't recommend it.  But he does have a couple of products that I've tried on occasion and now I probably use them as much as he does.

The first is Mens Body Hair & Body Wash from the Boots Botanics range.  Whilst I wouldn't use this for my hair, I think it's a brilliant shower gel.  It foams up really well on a shower puff, and cleans really well.  The best thing about this is the smell.  It has a very fresh, almost citrusy smell, with just the merest hint of masculinity.  You feel really clean after washing with it.  I think this is a great unisex product - I certainly stock up when it's on offer, give them to my boyfriend and then  nick it when I'm in the shower.

The second product I would recommend is Mens Oil Control Face Scrub, also from Boots Botanics.  I think this is a fantastic exfoliator and I probably use it more than he does.  Again, it has a unisex fragrance - I really love the smell - it's fresh, but not astringent smelling.  It's a very 'scratchy' exfoliator which I love.  My skin can get irritated by some fascial scrubs, especially the more scratchy ones, and I do like to exfoliate every day.  But this one doesn't irritate my skin at all, and leaves it feeling really smooth.  I'd buy this for myself over any other exfoliator in this price range, if I didn't have a boyfriend to steal it from.

There are some male products I hate to use.  If I run out of shaving gel, I'll use conditioner rather than a mens one - I had the smell lingering on my legs (althought I like it on him).  I also will go without deodorent rather than use a manly smelling one - I hate getting a whiff of it during the day.  But I'm glad I've discovered a couple of male beauty products that I love so much.

Have you uncovered any hidden beauty gems in your partner's bathroom cabinet?

Thanks for reading! xx

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