Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Addicted to the AAAHHH! tingle

I've recently become slightly addicted to a product called AAAHHH! by Temple Spa.  It's a gel for tired legs and feet which is lovely and refreshing - about 5 minutes after you've applied it, your legs and feet start to tingle and you go 'Aaahhh!'. It contains dandelion, lavender and menthol - I've been applying it every night before bed, and it's rather lovely!
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My Mum and Dad are always going on P&O cruises, and they give passengers Temple Spa products in their cabins - Temple Spa make lovely products, but I've never heard of them before my parents cruise addiction.  My Mum always collects them and lets me and my sister take our pick.  As I was the first to see her after her last cruise, I got first dibs, and lifted all the AAAHHH!s she'd collected recently (I always try and get these).  But they're only travel sizes and I'm starting to run out...  What am I going to do when the AAAHHH! runs out?

I did a google search for Temple Spa and found their website here.  I looked up AAAHHH!  The travel sizes cost £4.25, and a full size bottle is £17!  That's a lot of money for an AAAHHH!  I'm not sure whether I can bare to shell out that much money... but then I'm addicted to the AAAHHH! tingle.  I think I just might...


behindtheshoes said...

I guess it depends on how long £17 of Aahhh would last. If the answer makes you oooh then maybe some more aahhh would be a good thing !

The Bristol Beauty Blog said...

Unfortunately, £17 of AAAHHH! would probably only last a month or two... unless I ration it! It's that good! x


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