Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Urban Decay NYC Book of Shadows - Eye of the Day

Hello all.  I've had a long, hard day today, so when I got in this evening I decided to play around with some of the colours from my new Urban Decay NYC palette to cheer myself up a bit! 

I've seen quite a few posts from fellow bloggers celebrating their palettes (which made me lemming like mad!), but very few on actual 'looks' yet, so I thought I'd try a wearable look.

For the base all over my lower eyelid I used Bordello.  This is a reddish, brownish shade with a sheeny shimmer - it's not too glittery and is probably the most neutral colour in the palette.
I then applied Last Call through my crease and the outer quarter of my lids.  This is similar toned to Bordello, but darker and more pinky. It's also more shimmery than Bordello. For some reason, it appears to be lighter in my swatches, but I swear, it's darker in real life!

I then used Rockstar to darken up the outer crease and outer V of my eye.  I love this shade, it's a very dark, plummy, purpley shade.  I could see myself doing a maximum impact look with this all over my lower lids with loads of eyeliner!

Smudged under my lower lashes, I used Haight.  This is a gorgous metallic teal shade with a brilliant sheen.

For a highlighter under my brow and in my inner eye, I used Uzi.  This is uber-glittery, so I used it sparingly under my brow.  This is probably a bit too glittery a highlighter for this look, but I wanted all the shades to come from the palette, and there's not much more choice.

I finished off the look with Zero eyeliner on my lashline and waterline and loads of mascara.

L-R Bordello, Last Call, Rockstar, Haight, Uzi

By the way, the shadows are very soft, so be careful with them.  Look what happened to poor Money, and I've not even used it yet!  That happend when I was just getting the liner out of the box!

What do you think?  It's probably a bit too full on for a day in the office, but I would definitely wear it for a night out!  Have you put together any looks from this palette yet?

Thanks for reading! XX

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nicoletta said...

Lucky you getting that palette it looks lovely, shame about it starting to crumble a little i am quite heavy handed with my products so it would end up very messy in no time with me x


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