Sunday, 1 August 2010

What Bristolians are Buying (according to the Sunday Times Style Mag)

Since this blog is the Bristol Beauty Blog, I thought I'd do a quick Bristol-specific post.  I read an article today in the Sunday Times Style mag about what make-up items are popular in different cities around the country, including the fair city of Bristol.

Apparently, we Bristolians are into classic black eyeliner and volumising mascara.  We're also into perfect skin coverage and always get the right colour shade with our foundation.

Whilst that's interesting to know, I'm not sure whether it really means anything.  I mean, I like eyeliner, mascara and foundation as much as the next girl, and blogged about my foundation a couple of days ago, but I also love blusher, lippy, nail polish etc just as much! 

Anyway, this article also looks at other cities in the UK including Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and London, with an obligatory reference to the stereotype of Geordie girls going out in the winter without a coat.  Hmmmm, I take that back, that's only English cities.  There's no mention of Scottish of Welsh towns.  I'm sure my celtic sisters are equally into their makeup! 

Anyway, just thought I'd point this out in case you fancied a read.

Thanks for reading! x


Kel said...

Ah this has made me homesick. I'm originally from Bristol. :(

I do love a black eyeliner and my lashes looking fat and full so maybe there is method in their madness.


Katastrophic said...

Hahah interesting read. I am not from Bristol but I sure love black eyeliner and volumizing mascaras. But then again, I don't always get my foundation color right so maybe that's where the difference lies :)

Ms. Wedgie said...

I read that as well! Us Birmingham girls are going for 'spider lashes' at the moment! Errrr....ok whatever! Not sure how long the writer actually spent in Birmingham to work that out. Obviously not long enough! lol

Interested article but completely pointless.

JadeyLou said...

Haha definately sure that a walk around the centre will prove that 99% of the females in Bristol definately DON'T wear the right shade of foundation! I do however love volumising mascara...


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