Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday Sample #1

As part of my beauty diet (see post here), I promised myself to use up my sample stash.  So, today I took the easy option, and opened this little pot of Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream – I plan to keep using it up this week.

I’m very fussy about my facial moisturiser, as I have extreme combination skin – very oily in patches, and very dry in others.  Usually I don’t stray too far from my Nivea Light Daily Cream, so I was a bit nervous as to whether it would be any good.  And my fears were confirmed.   I used it over the top of my serum, and found it was extremely light – far too light for my skin.  Despite its creamy appearance, it sunk in very quickly – very little was needed as it was so light.  I definitely need a richer moisturiser - even though my regular Nivea one is supposedly ‘light’ it’s much richer.

I slapped on (I mean gently massaged) two applications of the Vitamin E moisturiser to try and achieve that ‘moisturised’ feeling, but I couldn’t achieve it – my skin felt tight across my cheeks and slightly stretched.  So I added some more and it felt OK.  But writing this several hours later, my skin is feeling slightly tight again, and not that well moisturised.  My make-up went on well and has lasted pretty long, so it works well as a makeup base.

I think that in very warm weather, or if you have less dry patches than me, this would probably be a really good cream.  But with my skin type, it wouldn’t be my first choice.

I’ve got quite a lot to use up this week, but as I’ll use several applications at a time, hopefully I’ll get through it all!

Thanks for reading!  xx


Anonymous said...

I like the vitamin E products, they smell nice! If this doesn't work for you, just 'slap' it onto your legs to use it up more quickly :-)

The Bristol Beauty Blog said...

Good idea! You're right, it does smell nice! x

Katastrophic said...

I have never tried this, but I use their vitamin E lip balm and it works great. :)

London's-beauty said...

Love the colour of it and I don't mind trying it out because it smells great :P
Would you by any chance be interested in my blogsale?

Huong x

Fudgesmoothiesmakeup said...

i love getting body shop samples, good chance to try it before spending out on something that doesnt work for you

I've given you an award!


3ate4 said...

Shant buy this next then, I need something to keep the dry patches away, too!

Supergirl said...

I had this product, but dont like it.. I need a richer moiturizer too:)


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