Friday, 6 August 2010

Packing for a Trip Away

Tonight I thought I'd do a quick post because I'm going away for the weekend for my friend's baby shower in London. I'm travelling by train and tube, so I've got to keep my packing fairly light, so I've put together my make up and beauty kits already - well for me I've packed light!

I'm staying with my parents, so I don't need to take too much with me - I can always nick shower gel off them, and I've got a load of old t-shirts there to wear in bed.  At this point I should confess, that although this is the Bristol Beauty Blog, I'm not a Bristolian by birth (although I've lived here for many years).  I'm actually a Londoner.  Infact, I've been told that I'm a proper cockney, born within the sound of Bow Bells.  Anyway, my family and a lot of my friends still live in the Big Smoke, so I visit them often, and I'm there for work about once a week.  But as much as I love the city of my birth, I couldn't live there again.  The sprawl, the bustle, the pollution of London is all a bit too much for me - I much prefer living in a smaller city - hence I live in lovely Bristol! 

Anyway, after that confessional, here's my toiletries kit:

I always keep hold of samples and minatures and keep them all in this plastic case, specially for travelling.  I've got quite a few now, especially as my boyfriend travels abroad a lot for work, and is under strict instructions to empty out all the hotels he stays in of their toiletries.  In fact, this case is stuffed full of minature shampoos and shower gels - I had to empty it out before packing it today.

I've got Body Shop Olive shampoo and conditioner, as well as a bit of Body Shop shower gel, some John Frieda serum and hairspray I bought as a reduced gift set after Christmas one year, some minature Nivea deodorent and No. 7 Protect and Intense Serum, No. 7 Radiance Revealed exfoliator (not that I think much of this), some cleansing wipes, a shower cap, travel toothbrush and toothpaste, Nivea moisturiser and Savlon, perfume I'm using at the moment and Mac Prep + Prime.  That should keep me going for a one night stay.

For my face, I'm taking my Technic Hide It! concealer quad (which is fab), Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Foundation and some Rimmel pressed power, as I don't want to take loose powder with me.

For my eyeshadows, I've got Mystic Moss from Elf, a highlighter colour freebie from No. 7 and a purpley/taupe colour from Stilla.  I've got a Bourjois blusher in Brune.

I've also packed Rimmel lipstick in Nude Pink, Body Shop lip and cheek stain (free with In Style) and Elf minty lip gloss in Boston.

I'm taking along a selection of brushes - a Prestige kabuki brush that I don't really rate, but don't mind if it gets a bit battered, Elf complexion, smudge and contour brushes (they are great), a Ruby and Millie brush and a MAC 210 for eyeliner.  I'm also taking a brow pencil, Mac Smoulder eyeliner and my free sample of Chanel Inimitable Intense which is fab and eyelash curlers.  

Not pictured is MAC fluidline in Blacktrack and UDPP.

Well, I'm sure I'll be able to get a few looks out of that lot!  I'm a bit undecided whether to do my makeup in the morning before I leave and hope it survives the journey - specifically the tube, or just do my face and leave my eyes for just before I go to the baby shower - I'll probably do the latter.

Thanks for reading! xx


behindtheshoes said...

I'm glad I am not the only sucker for miniatures and hotel freebies !

Rachelle Xxx

Nat said...

Love the look of Mystic Moss, I've never tried Elf shadows, what's the quality like? I'm in Bristol too and also lived in London for a little while but I prefer it here too :) x

The Bristol Beauty Blog said...

@behindtheshoes - you've gotta take them - they're included in the price...aren't they?!

@Nat - now I've tried it, I'm not that impressed by Mystic Moss. It's cheap and cheerful, but I found it really pigmented (not great for such a dark colour) and quite hard to blend. Maybe a 5 out of 10 from me! x


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