Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Girls Aloud Party Lashes - Nadine

Hello lovelies!  I've had to go and do some boring and expensive shopping today - on Sunday, my iron decided to give up, and then my cooker also decided it had had enough!  Both were really old, so we had to go out and get new ones. 

To liven up my boring purchases, I bought these Girls Aloud Party Lashes.  I chose the Nadine ones.

I'm going to a burlesque night at the weekend, and really wanted some falsies to vamp up my look.  But I'm rubbish at putting them on, I've only managed it properly once.  I chose these ones, not only for the pretty glittery band, with some black gems on it, but because the band looks pretty thick and easy to work with, which I hope will improve my application technique!

I will post some pictures of my makeup and eyes once I've done them - I'd better watch some false eyelashes videos on YouTube before to make sure I don't wreck my makeup.

Thanks for reading! xx


behindtheshoes said...

Good luck with the application. Looking forward to the pics and seeing your finished costume !

Rachelle Xxx

Kelly said...

Can't wait to see these on, they look fab.
I love the Nicole ones in normal lashes, so might try the party ones of those.


StyleFrost said...

Wow, these look gorgeous, youtube has many fab videos on putting lashes on! you will have to do post with them on!

Makeup Savvy said...

Well if you do have to buy a boring iron and cooker you may as well treat yourself abit hey!
I'm also so bad at putting false eyelashes on, I just don't seem to be able to do it.

But even though I could never wear them, these are very pretty and pretty for a Burlesque themed night.

Fee x


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