Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sample Sunday - it continues!

It's that time of the week again, it's Sample Sunday time, where I attempt to reduce my stash of samples, sachets and mini-products!

Today, I decided to use a sample of Teint Miracle, the new foundation from Lancome, that was free in this month's Elle magazine.  According to the Lancome website blurb about Teint Miracle Foundation:

"LancĂ´me invents its 1st foundation that helps to recreate the aura of perfect looking skin. Instantly complexion appears flawless and luminous, as if lit-from-within."
I'd seen a couple of review about this foundation and as as I have terrible skin, I was looking forward to trying it.  You will get a couple of applications from the sachet, so I'll be able to use it again tomorrow.  So far today, I've been extremely impressed!  It glided onto my skin like a dream blended easily and provides great coverage, which is what I need.  It also has great staying power, as I got dripped on my face when I was cleaning the shower and then went out shopping in the drizzle - it still looks perfect (I did use a bit of Mineral Veil) to set it. 

The only problem is, the shade is all wrong for me.  The shade I got was 03 "Beige Diaphane" which is too dark for me, although I've managed to make it work with a bit of bronzer.  So, as I was popping to the shops today, I thought I'd stop at a Lancome counter and see if I could get a sample of a better colour.  So, I stopped at House of Fraser.  Somehow, the beauty section was dead - other than at Benefit and Bobbi Brown, there were no staff.  I stood around swatching a couple of shades for a few minutes, and still couldn't see any staff.  So I tried at Boots.  Again, there were no Lancome staff around anywhere, despite there being loads of customer in the beauty area.  So I trapsed off to Debenhams - it was deader than House of Fraser!  Apart from the MAC counter, not a single staff member in the whole beauty area and no customers either.  I stopped again at House of Fraser on my way back to the car, thinking that perhaps I had gone there during lunch break time - it was even deader than before. 

I really needed some advice on chosing a shade as I was torn between two shades '01 Beige Albatre' or '010 Beige Porcelaine' so I wanted to speak to a sales assistant and not purchase online.  So, Lancome, my wallet is relieved there was no one there to serve me, but I probably would have been persuaded to buy - your inattention to customers and lack of staff at all your counters in Bristol today lost you a sale. 

I also hauled today (accidentally) and my Beauty Diet is in tatters!  I'll do a haul post later so you can all slap me on the wrists!

Thanks for reading!  xx


Rachel said...

Oh that's so frustrating! I bought Beige Porcelaine today: I am a cool toned pale and the Beige Albatre was far too warm for my skin tone. It's absolutely gorgeous foundation and I'm going to do a proper review this week :)

Have you seen that there's a voucher on the Lancome facebook page for a free 7 day sample? I'm not sure when it expires but it's worth checking out. Hope next time you have more success!

Rach x

DebDobDoorNob said...
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