Monday, 20 September 2010

Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer - My Mum's Car Boot Loot

I think I've blogged before about how my Mum is the polar opposite of my sisters and I when it comes to makeup and beauty - she's just not interested in it!  How she managed to have two beauty obsessed daughters and a beautician for a step-daughter I don't know.  Anyway, this is to our benefit, as she always collects any beauty goodies she finds and lets us take our pick.

I spent a lovely weekend with my parents over the last couple of days and she had some new goodies to offer and I got first dibs.  My Mum had spotted an airplane bag she liked at a car boot sale and snapped it up for a £1 with the unused beauty products still inside.  As ever, I claimed the goodies, all by Murad, a brand I'd never heard of before.  They are 7ml of Intensive Wrinkle Reducer, 6ml of Intensive Wrinkle Reducer For Eyes and 3.5g of Energizing Pomegranate Lip Protector SPF 15.

I popped them in my beauty storage to try out later, and thought no more about them.  Until I was browsing Beauty Bay today and spotted the Murad brand was available.  Curious, I decided to check out the products to see what they were like.  And I was amazed at the prices.  30ml of the Intensive Wrinkle Reducer costs...wait for it... £150!!!  And 15ml of the Intensive Wrinkle Reducer For Eyes is an eye-watering £60!  Even the lip balm is £10.50 for 15ml.  I also had a look at the Murad website.

So after a bit of maths, I reckon I have £35 of the Intensive Wrinkle Reducer, £24 of the Eye Wrinkle Reducer and £2.45 of the lip balm.  That's a total of £61.45 worth of products, and my Mum paid £1!  Bargain of the century I think!

Since I turned 30 last year, I've been getting increasingly worried about aging and have noticed more and more wrinkles, sorry, fine lines so I've regularly been using No 7 Intense Serum in an attempt to reduce the need for Botox.  The No 7 serum  doesn't seem to be making any difference to my wrinkles, but it does seem to improve my skin generally.  However, according to various sources online, the Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer claims to reduce wrinkles by variously 33% in 4 weeks and 55% in 12 weeks.  I'm not sure how I could measure this, but I thought I'd trial these products for you and see what difference they make to my wrinkles, erm, I mean fine lines!  At the advertised prices, I'm expecting total Botox action - I've never used such an expensive product before, so I've got high hopes!

There dosen't seem to be many reviews in the blogging community if you Google these products, so I'll try to remedy that.  I'll blog again in a week or so with an update on how they are getting on and how my wrinkles are doing - I can't wait to try them out tonight!

Thanks for reading!  xx


Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at your comment about your mum, mine is exactly the same, she used not to be, but I fear it is an age thing and can tell that I am getting to that stage myself! Look forward to your reviews. Jan

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

My Mum's always been like this - she's so funny! x

Ms. Wedgie said...

Oooh...what a fab find! I've heard lots of good things about Murad so I'm interested to here how you get on with it! :)

xDiamondsandPearlsx said...


pelininstyle said...

Oh I would love a beautician at home:)


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