Sunday, 5 September 2010

Haul!!! And have busted by Beauty Diet!

Hello all!  Confession time!  I've been naughty and have spent all of the £100 budget on random make-up I set myself - it was supposed to last until the end of November!  So unless I'm VERY good until then, I've failed the challenge I set myself - about 3 weeks ago!  I might have a bit of a problem...  I've also bought a few other bits and pieces as well.

First of all today I went shoe shopping!  Well a girl can never have enough shoes can she?  I'm planning to wear one pair of these for a Burlesque/Circus night I'm going to in October, so I really needed them!  I haven't decided which pair to wear yet.

These were on sale from Nine West - aren't they gorgeous?
These were on offer from Miss KG - I love them!
So, that's about £100 lighter on two pairs of shoes that caught my eye in Debenhams.  Hmmmm.

Next, I bought the High Street 'It' bag of the season, this fabulous satchel from River Island.  I can see myself using it every day, and it's also a practical style, so I didn't mind shelling out £34.99 too much!

I also spotted this great scarf with skeleton faces on it in River Island - at about £15, I thought it was lovely and quite Alexander McQueen-like, so I picked it up.

It has heart beads sewn onto the ends!
Moving onto makeup, I stopped by the MAC counter at Debenhams and bought this Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in 'Desires and Devices' from the Fabulous Felines Collection.  I was tempted by this, or by 'Treat me nice' which is a slightly more teal type green, but I went for this one in the end.

I also ventured into Superdrug to look at the GOSH range of nail polishes, as I'd been hearing such good things about it!  I wanted to buy Rainbow, and got the only bottle they had there.  I also bought Gypsy Blue, as it looked so pretty.

Rainbow (L), Gypsy Blue (R)
I also went shopping last weekend (I know, I know I'm so bad) and got the YSL Manicure Couture Duo in Belle De Nuit that I've been coveting for ages.  I only bought it as I was waiting to get served at the No 7 counter, and my attention wandered to the YSL counter... dangerous!

Is this a typo on the box?  ManUcure Couture?
The photo doesn't do the colours justice.
Finally, I did get served at No 7, and bought the limited edition Smoky Eye Liner.  So far, I love this product, it's so easy to apply.  The only draw-back is a slight transferance to my upper lids, but nothing I can't live with! I can see it being a firm favourite all through the autumn and winter.  Let's hope they make it permanent and introduce more colours!

So that's it for my confessional - make-up budget all spent!  I've also got a lot of products from Revlon's autumn collection, but I'll post these separately.  It's not all bad though - I'm doing well with the non-makeup related products in my Beauty Diet.

Thanks for reading!  xx


xDiamondsandPearlsx said...

Those Shoes are AMAZING!!! Great Haul! Loving the bag ;) Cant wait to use mine, Im going to Meadowhall so Im buying that scarf :) and Im gonna get the new YSL Pearl lipstick in 102 a coral colour woohoo :)xx

Dreams That Glitter said...

Loving your haul! Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous. Great finds, you're a lucky girly! :).


Anonymous said...

Awesome goodies though, well worth shattering the diet! Which Superdrug did you get Rainbow from? I've been checking the Mall at every visit but no joy :(

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

I got the last bottle in the Broadmead Superdrug! I did look for another as I wanted to include it in my forth-coming 50 subscribers giveaway, but they only had one! xx

StyleFrost said...

Amazing shoes and love the satchel! I also want to try that liner from Mac! x

DebDobDoorNob said...

Ha I'm the same!! Spent my budget already this month - and it's only the 6th. Oh well... ha a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...!!


behindtheshoes said...

Loving the shoes and the rest of the haul is pretty neat too ! I think you can be forgiven for breaking your rule just this once ;)

Rachelle Xxx


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