Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sample Sunday - More Vitamin E

Hello all.  Hope you're enjoying your Sundays.  I'm having a very lazy weekend, after not being very well during the week.  I had a bit of a nightmarish Friday where I went to London for a meeting which was cancelled, nearly started crying at London Bridge Station as I felt so poo, and then came straight back home to bed!  The annoying thing was, London Bridge is only a 10 minute train journey from my parent's house, and when you're ill, you sometimes just want your Mum to look after you.  But, my Dad has quite serious health issues, so we have to stay away when we're ill, so I couldn't even go and see them. I've not really done much since then other than try to catch up on sleep and relax, whilst doing bits and bobs around the house.

Anyway, today's Sample Sunday is Vitamin E Night Cream from The Body Shop.  If you remember my first post in the Sample Sunday series, I reviewed the Vitamin E Day Cream here, which I really disliked.  I felt it was not moisturing enough and it did nothing for my skin, even though it was summer at the time, when I can generally get away with less moisturiser.

However, I think completely the opposite about the Vitamin E Night Cream - I really like it.  I used it last night (it was 'technically' Sunday), and I've also used it this morning as a normal moisturiser.  It's a thicker consistency than the day cream, as you would expect, but it absorbs really well and doesn't sit on the skin like some moisturisers, or cause little 'bits' of the cream to flake off onto my face (this is really difficult to explain, but some heavier moisturisers do this on my face - weird).  My skin felt really soft after application and my make up has gone on fine on top of it, and it has lasted well so far.  It also felt very gentle, with no stinging.  It has a pleasant, and very light fragrance, that I struggle to describe, but smells nice!

I don't usually use a separate day or night cream, and as I do need more moisture as it gets colder, I'll be happy using this as a day cream as well as a night cream.  This is certainly a Sunday Sample I've enjoyed using so far, and will probably get a week's worth out of this little pot. If I continue to like it, and if I don't break out, I might even purchase it which would be a first for my Sample Sunday trials.

Thanks for reading!  xx


behindtheshoes said...

I will be interested to hear how you get on with it after a week of use.

Hope you are feeling better.

Rachelle Xxx

Amy said...

I use this and the day cream, I really like it :) xxx

Ray said...

Hope you're feeling better chick. Big hugs xxxx

Kelly said...

Hope you are feeling better lovely, my dad bans us from the house when we are ill.

Thanks for the award btw, will be doing that as soon as.


SJP said...

Love this night cream - I don't really bother with one in the summer months but this is perfect for sensitive skin in autumn/winter. Xx


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