Friday, 29 October 2010

Prestige - My Biggest Lashes Mascara Review

Hi all.  I thought I'd do a quick review of a product I've been using for a few months now and really liking.  It's My Bigest Lashes Mascara from Prestige.

The mascara costs £5.99 in Boots.  I'm sure that I paid around £10 when I bought it - perhaps the price has come down since then!  It's cased in a funky, bright pink tube, and it has a traditional style, bristle wand which I rather like.

I've really enjoyed using the mascara.  It certainly gives my lashes volume and length, if not a curl (but I have to get my lashes permed to have a curl as they are dead straight, so that's not the mascara's fault).  It was a rather wet formula at first, and quite heavy.  Only one coat was needed to give me the length and volume I required.  However, it has dried up after about 3 of months of use.  It's now rather clumpy and dry, so it's time to replace it.

It's also a really dark black colour.  My lashes are multi-coloured and appear to have blond roots, so if I don't get a lash tint, I really need a good colour to cover the up.  My Biggest Lashes fits the bill perfectly.

I've found it lasts pretty well throughout the day, without any touch-ups, and doesn't tend to flake or run.  It's not waterproof though, so no good for going swiming, or out in the rain.

For the price, I've been impressed.  This stands up well against more expensive products and I'm pleased to have had 3 months of use.  It's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a reasonably priced mascara that adds length and volume.

Thanks for reading! xx


Vintage and Cake said...

My eyelashes are very light tinted too, oh I will have to look out for this. I can't not wear it or people say 'Are you ill, have a sit down; hahaha so will put that on my list. Did you get it in boots, superdrug?
BTW thank you so much for sending my prize so quick, I have it on now. I'm in love with it, they should bring out my colours :) Thanks again, going to do my post on it soon xxxx

Anonymous said...

Prestige seem to do really well in general in reviews, I think that they do a mineral makeup which is pretty good as well. Looks like a good mascara, how does it make the lashes feel? Can't bear crispy eyelashes! Thanks for this. Jan x

The Brunette said...

That sounds pretty good x


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