Monday, 11 October 2010

Beauty Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge - The Beginning

Hello ladies.  It's day one of the Beauty Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge.  The aim is to lose 1/2 stone by 6th December.  That's 8 weeks so it's achievable.

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The following lovely bloggers have all joined in - anyone else is more than welcome!

Fudge Smoothies
Who is She???
Behind the Shoes
Real Girls Beauty

ETA - the following have also joined the challenge:

Stacey @ The HQ of Beauty
Leanne @ Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder
Gidders1 (via Twitter)
Sweet Like Jelly

Also, good luck to:

Lucy @ Beauty and the Blogger
Alice @ Super Gorgeous

with your own diets!
I've started by reactivating my Weight Watchers online account, I'll be pointing my meals today, and going for a mile walk at lunchtime.  I've won't have a chance to do any other exercise today, and I know I won't tomorrow, but a little walk is better than nothing (and burns about 100 calories).

Other ideas to up my activity are doing  my printing at the photocopier rather than my desk printer - I've worked out that 10 trips a day is an additional mile a week!!  Also, I'm parking about 5 minutes walk away from my office.  That stops me driving round and round looking for a space, as well as netting me about 2 extra miles a week.

Have you got any other activity-upping ideas?

I'm going to weigh-in once a week and update every Monday.  I'm quite open about how much I weigh, but I know it's a private thing to many ladies, so I suggest that  we just post how much we've lost, rather than our starting weights etc. 

Good luck ladies!  Imagine how great we'll look in our Christmas party dresses in only 8 short weeks!  Of we go!!!!

Thanks for reading!  xx


Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Ah, I'm going on a health kick today too :-(

behindtheshoes said...

Good luck Ladies X

Real Girls Beauty said...

There's some really good ideas there. Another one is make sure you use the stairs instead of going in any lifts. We have a big park right next to where I live so I should make use of that more often.

I'm actually really ill today, I've stayed off work :( So I won't be doing any exercise either today.

I've had sultana bran for my breakfast this morning and 1% milk I normally have weetabix & a banana but I fancied a change! On an evening I try to just have meat and vegetables - no carbs. I find it really does help with the weight loss but I'm not cutting carbs out completely because I have them in all my other meals.

Another thing I would highly reccommend if you have a sweet tooth is stocking up on weight watcher desserts. They're usually only between 2 & 3 points and make you feel like you've had something nice. My faveourites are the lemon cheesecake and any of the ice cream pots :)

Sorry long post x

Alice said...

Im starting Slimming World this week too - good luck! x

♥ Stacey ♥ said...

Ahh good for you girls, I will join you too! I started slimming world 3 weeks ago and have lost 5.5 pounds. 8 weeks, half a stone - done! (oops, sound like Gordon Ramsay- lol) x

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

@Lucy and @Alice - good luck ladies - let me know if you want to join the challenge

@Behind the shoes - good luck to you too!

@Real Girls Beauty - sorry to hope you're not feeling well, hope you feel better tomororw. More good weight loss tips there - the other thing i like are Muller yoghurts - especially the cheesecake ones. I think they're only 1.5 points!

@Stacey - welcome to the challenge! I agree with you, I think it is easily achievable within the time. That is, if we stick to the diets/exercise!

Good luck all!

Leanne OCD said...

Well I'm in it too! That Change4Life website has some good tips on healthy eating and increasing exercise. Will keep you all posted :o)x

lucy duckett said...

ahhh ive been on a diet for 7 days now! its called the dukan diet, ive lost half a stone in the first blitz yey! now for the other stone ugh. will take a bit longer but hopefully ill get there! good luck everyone! bikini bodies for xmas?! hmmm.... party dress bodies for xmas!! xx

SweetLikeJelly said...

Hi, I saw this over on Leanne OCD's blog and would love to join in.I blogged about needing to lose some weight last week but haven't really been able to get started with it. This could just be the motivation I needed!!! So could I be added to the list please?


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