Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sample Sunday - Glutton for Punishment

You may remember a few weeks ago I tried a Tresemme shampoo and conditioner and hated the shampoo in particular.  I then felt I had been a little unfair, as I had a mixed bag of comments - some people loved it and others hated it.  The reasons why I felt it was unfair, was because my hair was absolutely covered in products as I'd done my Burlesque hair the night before.  My hair was crisp with mousse, serum and super-strength hairspray.  My shampoo doesn't usually have to contend with this, so I was a bit harsh to judge the Tresemme one.

So when I was contemplating my Sample Sunday today, I spotted another sample of Tresemme shampoo (although a different one), and thought I would give it another go, in the interests of fairness.

This shampoo is designed specifically for blonds - I'm a die-hard brunette - but I didn't let that put me off.  I'm unlikely to emerge from the shower with golden locks from one sachet of shampoo am I.  The packaging says that it contains chamamile, not a scent I'm overly fond of.

So I used this Tresemme shampoo, and I still don't like it! It was better than the other Tresemme shampoo sample, but only marginally.  I found it difficult to foam, even though I used the entire sachet, I didn't like the smell - it smelt like chemically-enhanced chamamile - not nice.  At least the smell hasn't lingered.  This time, the shampoo didn't knot up my hair, which was a big improvement of the previous sample.  It rinsed out OK (considering it didn't really foam up), but my hair didn't feel in as good a condition as I would've liked, slightly dry and straw-like.  I used a deep conditioner to make my hair feel better.

I conclude that I don't like Tresemme shampoos, and I will be avoiding them in future.  They just don't work for me!

In a little update on my gushing praise for the Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream I trialled last week, I'm still liking it.  But, I've found that it doesn't work as a day cream at all!  I wore it on Monday and Tuesday, and although my skin felt great, my makeup slid off, even using primer on Tuesday.  I also felt my skin was starting to have a mini break-out.  I switched to using it as a night cream only, and my skin has calmed.  I still love it, but only as a night cream.

Thanks for reading!  xx

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