Sunday, 12 June 2011

Money, Money, Money

Hi all.  Well on this miserable, rainy Sunday I'm sat here working out my finances.  I've blogged about my attitude to money before, and I think it's essential to keep a good grip on your income and expenditure, to save up for things and to only spend what you can afford - whatever your budget may be.

When I was a teenager I used to get £5 pocket money each week from my parents and supplement that each Saturday by working in River Island - for the princely sum of £2.42 an hour!  After 4 hours, and less than a tenner earned, and 70p bus fare each way, it was a pittance - my Mum occasionally would give me a lift as she felt so sorry for me (but she was also proud I was working hard).  But it was my money and I worked bl**dy hard, folding jumpers to earn it.  Even then, I was careful with my money and managed to save up for a holiday with my friends (OK, that took working all through Christmas and Easter school holidays to achieve) - I would buy my clothes mainly in Mark One (in the days before Primarni) and sometimes my makeup from down the market!  When I got a car, I used to get up early on Sunday mornings to do car boot sales (something I still do from time to time) to earn extra cash.  I've always enjoyed to feeling of a hard day's work and counting your pennies at the end of the day - it definitely makes you appreciate your cash more.

Anyway, recently we have decided to save up to buy a new house.  Without boring you about our current home, we want to move to a house and one that it located in a nicer area.  It is now time to get serious with saving again for the next couple of years to help to build up a new deposit.

Saving now is harder than in was a few years ago - at that time we had rubbish jobs and never had any money, so were used to living on a tight budget, and continued to do this as our incomes rose.  However, I haven't really saved in earnest for about five years now.  Although I now have a good job and earn a reasonable income, I've got out of the savings habit and it's hard to get back in.  My recently developed love of high end skin care and makeup really doesn't help - in fact, a large amount of my spare cash has gone on beauty and fashion over the past year.  I hate to think how much I've spent - this is definitely the area I need to work on the most!

I've been quite generous in my budget for beauty - £80 a month sounds quite a lot doesn't it?  Especially as I used to do it for £25 a month back in the day.  However, I've been regularly getting my legs and under arms waxed (£45 a pop), my hair dresser costs between £50 - £120 a time depending on what I have done, and that's not including any cosmetics or skincare products.  I have a feeling that my £80 won't stretch nearly as far as I'd like!

So I've decided to do the following:
  • cut back on the waxing - only get my top leg, underarm and bikini done and only in the summer.  I can go au naturelle the rest of the year, or just use a cream.
  • Go back to home hair dye - I do need to cover my greys, but an expensive colour and highlights is a luxury I simply can't afford.
  • Shop my stash, especially my sample stash.  I was worried I was running out of facial moisturisers the other day, but realised I have 3 on the go and one unopened pot.  I shouldn't need to buy any more for ages and there are plenty of other products like this.
  • Have a blog sale!  I've never done this, but I've definitely got things I want to part with that someone else might like.
  • Investigate making some of my own products - I particularly want to try a home made eye makeup remover.
  • Shop smarter and take advantage of bulk buys and offers (and not just spend those No. 7 vouchers just for the sake of spending them).
  • Read blogs by bloggers who consistently use cheaper products and pick up some great money saving tips.
This is still going to be tough!  I'd be grateful if you have any beauty money saving ideas you want to pass on...share them with me please!

And now for my number one money saving beauty tip - I always keep a pair of scissors in my bathroom to attack plastic tubes of product that have run out.  There is usually a few more applications in these tubes, and it is worth getting every last drop out to get your money's worth - and I always do!

Thanks for reading! xx


Grace London said...

I home wax my legs with a sugaring kit from NADS. It's honestly not too much hassle when you get used to it.

I've found with some things, seeking a cheaper alternative doesn't save me money. Skincare is an example - I'd rather buy a moisturiser I know I love and spend more on it than buy two or three that will muck up my skin. That's not to say there aren't some great less expensive products out there - I swear by Haus of Gloi body stuff, and it costs less than The Body Shop, even with shipping from the US.

Serafina said...

Hey, I really enjoyed reading your post! I'm on a very tight budget myself so I'm always trying to think of ways to make those pennies stretch! I sell my old clothes, bags and jewellery on ebay and allow myself all the money I make to spend frivolously on cosmetics and clothes! If I'm really lemming a product I'll google its cheaper dupes and try those out. I hear Superdrug's mememe line have dupes for a few benefit products, for example. I also look on ebay for nail varnishes and even clothes (a lot are brand new with tags and heavily discounted from the original price) and have had some great bargains. Also, if clothes don't fit, I just put them on ebay and sell 'em!
Good luck saving up! You're SO right about 'shopping your stash' - I have 3 or 4 types of many products that I use here and there and never finish anything!

Jude said...

Great post, it got me thinking about all the products that I have purchased on a whim and have never used, I think I will follow your lead and have a blog sale in the future. Jude xx @jadlgw

Ms. Wedgie said...

I feel your pain!! I'm in the same boat and am saving for a deposit and a wedding! I've started buying a lot more stuff off ebay in a vague attempt to save a bit of cash. If you like NYX you can definitely get a lot for your pennies if you buy from sellers based in the USA - it takes longer to arrive but you can save loads of money! :)

julie:) said...

Hey, I've just decided to start saving for a house and find your tips brilliant. Im trying to shop my stash and budget more I've been much too liberal with my spending of late!! Although if there is a blog sale I can't promise not to purchase!!! Jx

Vintage and Cake said...

OMG I recall the day's of Mark 1, I use to think they were so cool than and C&A !! Oh the horror. Yes I agree you have to stop every now and than, and look at when your money is going. I broke my shopping ban and really wish I had just kept going as I was doing so well. I really need to save too. Love this post, and feel your pain on the work front still now at least we value it more. Hope your well xx

StyleFrost said...

I spend way too much on clothes and use really expensive skincare but I dye my own hair and don't really get many beauty treatments, I need to save more too! x

Anonymous said...

I really admire you for saving up for a house but you know it will be worth in the end!

Making your own products is a good start I can share some recipes with you!

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

@Grace I agree with you about buying what you know works, rather than cheapo stuff. I can't wax my legs though. I can do a bit, but it takes sooo long! That's one thing I can't comprimise on!

@Serafina Shopping your stash is the way to go!

@Jude Good luck with your blog sale - I still need to do mine!

@ Ms W Glad I'm not the only one saving up!

@ Julie yeah, more people saving up! When you tot up how much you spend it can be scarey!

@ Vintage and Cake - C&A Clockhouse - they were my go to clothing range when I was a teenager - how could I forget them! I spent many hours browsing round C&A in Lewisham shopping centre on my lunch break!

@ Stylefrost - dying my own hair is working out well so far, but the expensive skincare is a killer!

@ Skin Scrubs - I'm looking into making some of my own - will give you a shout out for some tips!



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