Thursday, 9 June 2011

Look What Arrived - Murad Goodies!

Sorry - I know I've been really slack at posting recently.  It's another one of those working to 7pm each night periods at work - when do they ever stop?!  I've not even wanted to look at a computer when I get in.

Anyway, I recently won a giveaway from Caroline from Beauty Mouth.  You have to read her blog, she is a trained beauty professional and gives the most amazing advice, as well as no BS reviews of products.  The giveaway I won was for the Murad Body Care System which is a three part system including Firm and Tone Dietary Supplements, Firm and Tone Serum and Body Firming Cream - in total almost £200 worth of high end products designed to help with cellulite and stretchmarks.  You can image my grin when I saw I'd won it!

The Body Care System arrived yesterday in 2 cardboard boxes, prompting Mr TBBB to ask me what I'd been buying.  I swore I'd won it in a giveaway, but he really didn't believe me.  "Looks expensive" he said - you betcha!  Looking at the Murad webite, it's £58 for the serum alone - let's hope it's good!

You can read Caroline's comprehensive review of the sytem here.  Like Caroline, I'm also not too bothered about cellulite, as I'm blessed with little of it (don't hate me - I have enough belly fat, stretch marks and bingo wings to make up for being almost cellulite free).  However, Caroline's report that the supplements cut her appetite in half very much interested me.  I have lost quite a bit of weight over the past couple of years and I'm at my slimmest for a decade.  However, with my sister's wedding in August, I could do with losing as much as possible another few pounds - as I'm always stuffing my face, these could be the answer. And the firming serum and cream also won't go amiss, as I can always do with a bit of firming.  So it has really arrived at the perfect time for me - just the right time to do some good before the wedding.

I must admit I was slightly unimpressed when I previously reviewed some Murad products I got for free before (from my Mum).  I think it was mainly because the retail price is so high it's outside of my orbit, that I do expect the products to absolutely miraculous things to justify the price tag.  I've got high hopes for these based on Caroline's review.  I'll update in a month or so on how I got on.

Thank you to Caroline and to Murad for having this giveaway!

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Vintage and Cake said...

Well done, that looks lovely :) xxx


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