Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sample Sunday - The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub

I know I've not been great at keeping up with my Sample Sunday Posts, but my sample stash is once again getting out of control.  I had a bit of a tidy up yesterday and all my samples don't fit into my sample box.  So I'm restarting this feature in the hope to get them under control and maybe find some hidden gems.

I've been getting my legs and underarms waxed this year, and have been loving the smoothness of it.  However, the worst thing about waxing, apart from the hairy weeks you have, are the ingrown hairs.  This has meant I've been devoting quite a lot of time to body scrubs, something that I'm usually too lazy to do.  I found this sample of Coconut Body Scrub from The Body Shop in my stash, and having been impressed with their Papya and Shea Butter scrubs, I thought I'd give it a go.

My first thoughts were that the smell of coconut was a bit strong for me.  Although I love the smell of Pina Coladas, I wasn't initially that impressed with the smell of the scrub.  However, writing this some time after using the scrub, the scent has lingered to a pleasant, tropical aroma and I actually really like it.  I suppose it depends if you like coconut or not.

As for the scrub, I looked at the first swatch dubiously, as the large black grains in the mix looked sparse and like they wouldn't get a good scrub on.  However, I was wrong about this.  The actual scrub itself has fine and densely packed scrub particles that gave just the right amount of scrubbiness.  In fact, I ended up loving this scrub. I used it on dry skin before I got into the shower and my skin feels so smooth and soft now.  I have to say that this is up there as one of the best scrubs I've ever used.  It makes your skin soft and best of all, there's no oily residue (although as I've blogged before, I was partially converted by the Body Shop's Shea Butter Scrub which did leave a residue).

I used up the whole sachet in one application, and there was only just enough to do my whole body.  However, I find with scrubs, you don't need repeated applications to see if they work or not.  They either do or they don't.  So, this works for me, and this is something that I would repurchase.  In fact, I liked it so much, that I will repurchase it next time I'm at the Body Shop.

Have you tried this yet?  What do you think of Body Shop scrubs?  I've been impressed with all the ones I've tried so far.

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Summer said...

I love your idea for these posts! It seemls like a great product and it must smell amazing, I love coconut :) <3


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