Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Holiday Nails

I was intending to do a nail of the day post this week - however, my nails are currently in a terrible state, so they need a bit of work before showing them to the world.  I've let them grow too long, they've started to split and break - they basically need a good chop!

Anyway, I thought I'd show you three polishes I was wearing in rotation on my finger and toe nails on my holidays.  They are Daring Pink by Mavala, The Color to Watch by OPI and Sea Spray by China Glaze.

I love all these colours, and had some complements from random strangers on the Mavala and China Glaze ones whilst on my hols.  Although they're not the most traditional holiday colours, I really enjoyed wearing them.

Daring Pink is an almost irridescent, cool toned pink/purple colour with a hint of shimmer.  For me this worked best on my toes.  Two coats to opaque, quick drying and lasted almost a week without chipping = a happy Bristol Beauty Blog!

I picked up The Color to Watch from the Swiss Collection after spotting it whilst browing John Lewis - I loved the unusual lilac/purple colour.  Unfortunately, it's a sheer application, not the opaque that I was expecting.  However, I made it work on by nails by building up four or five layers and getting a true to bottle, opaque colour that I wanted.  This wasn't too difficult to achieve - I really like the application of this polish, and it dried incredibly quickly, so it didn't take any longer than two coats of a different polish would take to dry.

I bought Sea Spray on Ebay after searching for a dupe to Chanel's Riva.  Whilst I don't think this is a dupe, as there is very little of the hidden shimmer that I've seen in swatches of Riva, it is a very pretty, pastel baby blue colour.  And with a name like Sea Spray, it's perfect for a beach holiday!  This is the first China Glaze polish I've tried, and I have to say, I wasn't overly impressed with the application and drying time.  It needed two to three coats to get a good finish, but the polish tended to drag a bit and it took FOREVER to dry!  Saying that, once dried, it lasted a good long time on my toes and my fingers, despite lots of walking in sand etc, so it gets a thumbs up for me for staying power.

I wish I'd actually remembered to take NOTD photos of these polishes - I will wear these again over the next few weeks (once I've sorted out my nails) and take some snaps, as all these are lovely, summary colours and look great on!

What nail polishes are you loving at the moment?

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Thanks for reading! xx


Big Fashionista said...

That OPI colour is so pretty, but i really don't have the patience for 4-5 coats.

i'd be throwing the bottle across the room by the fourth coat.

Ok, the second x x x

SweetLikeJelly said...

That OPI colour is really unique looking!

Nat said...

Sea Spray sounds pretty! Looking foward to seeing swatches :) x

Supergirl said...

I cant wear nail polish at work, so my favourite now are natural nails:(

Supergirl said...

I cant wear nail polish at work, so my favourite now are natural nails:(

Vintage and Cake said...

My nails are a mess, I hate when you have lovely nail polish but than don't want to use it because of your nails. Try using oil on them that's what I did a few days again (I did crack and paint them :P)
I love these nail shades BTW xxx


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