Monday, 21 March 2011

Holiday Beauty Favourites

I don't know about you, but I really like mini bottles and samples of products and I save them for overnight trips and holidays.  I also love the small sized bottles you can buy for holidays as well.  I was really organised this year and I had mini sizes of almost all my toilettries to take with me - almost unheard of for me.  I did have to take two bottles of mini shower gel, shampoo and conditioner as one of those small bottles was never going to last the week.  Nevertheless, the weight of my toiletries was not very heavy, which meant more room for makeup!

Here is a selection of my favourite holiday products:

Moroccan Oil has become a staple of my haircare routine and I originally bought this travel sized bottle.  Since them, I've bought a full-sized bottle, but kept the small bottle to use for travelling.  I bought a mini tube of Umberto Giannini Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly after using some of my sister's at Christmas.  My holiday haircare routine involved wash, condition, Moroccan Oil and then the scrunching jelly - then leave to dry in the sun!  No heat or straighteners were involved at all, and I loved my no-hassle curls.

I've recently started using Batiste dry shampoo, so I picked up a mini-can of the Tropical fragranced shampoo for my hols.  Although this does have the slightly grey colour to it, I forgive it for its amazing smell.  Basically, it smells exactly like pina coladas - my holiday drink of choice.  I kept getting a whiff of my hair and deciding to have another drink!

I used No 7 Anti-Dark Spot Facial Sun Protection SPF 50+ everyday on top of my moisturiser.  I did break out in a couple of spots, however, it did stop my pale skin from burning and I didn't even get a smattering of freckles.  I don't really do tanning, especially on my face, so this was an advantage for me.

Clinique Take the Day Off eye makeup remover worked brilliantly at removing my eye makeup every night. I hadn't packed very much cotton wool, so was rationing it to one pad to remove both eyes!  However, it was possible to do this with this Clinique remover - it worked so much better than my usual makeup remover.  Although it's pricy, I got it as a gift with purchase at Bonus Time, and I would get it again!

For daily and evening moisturiser I used The Sanctuary's Brightening Facial Illuminating Moisture Lotion SPF15.  I got this with a spa kit I bought after Christmas.  Whilst it's too light for winter use in the UK, it was perfect for my skin in the hot Cuban temperatures.

Finally, my holiday perfume of choice was Hugo Boss Orange Sunset.  I got this for Christmas, and whilst I love the smell, it didn't appeal to me for a winter fragrance.  However, I was splashing it on every evening on holiday, and loved the summary fragrance, which is feminine without being too sweet for my nose.  I'll definitely be getting lots of use out of this in the summer!  I just need a mini size for my travels now!

So these were my beauty favourites for my holiday.  I also had some makeup favourites as well as nail polishes; I'll do another post on these separately.

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Thanks for reading! xx


Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

It sounds daft but my fave holiday product is those nail varnish remover wipes you get in a little pot, they make life so much easier!

Nat said...

Love mini/travel size products! Also a big fan of Moroccan Oil, excellent stuff x

SweetLikeJelly said...

I really must get Morroccanoil, I just have so much other hair stuff to use up first!

Great post!

Vintage and Cake said...

I love that dry shampoo, I need to stock up on it again. It's odd when it goes white but once you brush it through it actual makes my hair look and feel thicker. Great for leaving the house in a rush and it got me through last summer (sweaty flat hair is not a good look, and I don't want to wash it to death haha)

Supergirl said...

Maroccan oil is in my must have list!


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