Thursday, 29 July 2010

Ooops! Don't do this!

Well I wasn't going to post anything until tomorrow, because I'm really busy at the moment, but I just had to share something really stupid I've just done!

I decided my makeup bag was overflowing, so I dumped it on the window cill of my bathroom to sort it out.  Big mistake!  It was overflowing, and the window was open and out of the bag flew my MAC Gleam eyeshadow!  What's worse, is that I live in a second floor flat that is currently swaddled in scaffolding - I could hear it hitting all the scaffolding bars on the way down!

I quickly ran downstairs, thinking that I should try to save it - MAC is too expensive to just throw it away!  I rummaged in the grass underneath the scaffolding poles and found the makeup almost intact right underneath the window - but just the make up - the pan and the case were not there.  After retrieving this, I eventually found both the pan and case, and amazingly, they  weren't broken!  I managed to put the whole thing back together again, and have rescued my Gleam!  

Slightly battered, but saved!

Well the moral of that story, be careful of open windows on the second floor!


xDiamondsandPearlsx said...

hehe, you were lucky :) x

ModestyBrown said...

A very lucky escape for Gleam!

Ms. Wedgie said...

Hoorah!! Better a little battered than completely lost! On more than one occassion some of my poor beloved MAC goodies have ended up being dropped down the loo! You'll be glad to hear that those few items were NOT rescued! lol

Kel said...

Phew! Lucky escape for the Mac.

My make up was attacked by one of our two dogs not so long. Mascara massacre. :)


The Bristol Beauty Blog said...

I have dropped mascara down the loo before... I was staying at a hotel as well, so it was the only one I had! Luckily, we were meeting friends that evening, so my friend brought along some for me from her collection - phew! x


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