Friday, 23 July 2010

Welcome to my blog

Welcome people to the first post of my new blog - thanks for stopping by!

First, a little about me: I’m in my early 30s and live in Bristol with my family – that’s my boyfriend and our two babies (that’s our cats for normal people).

I spent the whole of my 20s stuck in a beauty rut, with just the odd splurge on a random bit of make-up outside of my ‘normal’ make-up purchases. Every single lipstick I owned had come in a free No. 7 gift when I bought my foundation. I had just one eyeliner pencil, bought from Rimmel, I suspect in the 1990s (and there’s still loads left)! I was using a rubbish 17 concealer which didn’t even work – for over 10 years. Don’t get me wrong, I liked to look nice. But I was totally unadventurous with make-up, I’ve had almost the same hair-cut for years and other than a French manicure, hadn’t worn any coloured nail varnish for a decade.

Now, I remember when I first left home, I splurged quite a bit on beauty and cosmetics and would regularly buy different make-up colours and products (although not premium). I’m not sure what happened, where my love of make-up went, but it went somewhere! I didn’t earn a lot of money in my 20s, coupled with going back to uni as a mature student, and a loathing of debt, killed any make-up urges.

The first piece of proper make-up (aside from Tinkerbell) I ever owned was a brown Dior eyeshadow given to me by a friend of my Mother’s when I was about 8. This was the only premium make-up I ever owned until my sister gave me some unwanted Clinique freebees for my 30th birthday. Somewhere, I’ve still got the little brush that came with it! When I was a child, we were always playing make-up, and I remember a face palette from Boots I got for Christmas when I was 10 – one of my favourite ever presents!

Anyway, earlier this year, I went to a fancy dress party and decided to attempt a complicated hair style for the event. I decided to look on YouTube for some tips...and I’ve not looked back! I discovered the world of beauty gurus and blogs, and I’ve become well and truly addicted to make-up and beauty again! I realised that I can afford to splash out on Chanel, to treat myself to MAC and that I should try different colours and styles, foundations and concealers.

So I thought I would document my deepening spiral into beauty in this new blog. Apologies for rambling on, hopefully you won’t be too bored and will come back to read some of my future posts on all things beauty!

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