Saturday, 31 July 2010

Luscious Lashes

I don’t put my faith in miracle mascara and curlers to make my lashes long, luscious and curled.  I resort to more drastic measures – I regularly get my lashes tinted and permed.

My lashes are naturally quite long, but they are peppered with blond hairs and I have blond roots, despite being a natural brunette.  They also grow downwards.  They seem immune to eyelash curlers, falling as soon as I’ve curled them, whether using heated curlers or ‘miracle’ mascara or whatever, really!  This makes wearing falsies difficult as well, as my natural lashes stick out, giving me a double row lash look – not good.  The ‘before’ pictures are below:

It’s quite a long and uncomfortable process to get them tinted and permed.  You need to have your eyes closed for over an hour, whilst the beautician fusses and pulls at your lashes constantly, putting some nasty smelling chemicals on your delicate skin, whilst all the time resisting the urge to rub your eyes!  Every time I go, I say that this is the last time I’ll get it done, but I always go back for more.  The ‘after’ pictures are below:

Today, I had a different beautician to my normal one.  She was actually much more gentle on my eyes and there was a lot less discomfort than normal. Of the three sizes of rollers (small, medium and large), today’s beautician convinced me that the medium ones would be best.  In the past, I’ve had better results with the smaller rollers, and I will request these in the future – my lashes really don’t curl properly with the medium ones.  This has resulted in more of a lift to my lashes, rather than a curl – better than normal, but not the look I was after.  They do tend to curl more over the next 24 hours, so hopefully I’ll have more of a curl by tomorrow.

I am very pleased with tint – a blue/black colour.  She applied it right down past the roots, so my lashes are well coloured, with a slight eyeliner look (which will eventually wash away), and she even did the bottom lashes.

It’s often said that having a lash tint means that you don’t need to wear mascara.  I completely disagree with this!  By the time I’ve done the rest of your make up, my lashes are flecked with powder etc.  I definitely need mascara, but it looks better than on un-tinted lashes and does make my lashes look thicker and fuller.

I try to do this every 8 weeks (when I remember), and it costs about £40 for both treatments.  Since the only other salon beauty treatment I regularly get is a bikini wax, I feel that I can afford this without putting too much strain on my budget.  If you can stand having someone fussing around with your eyes, then it’s worth trying – if you can’t bare it, then it’s probably not for you.  If you do it, would urge you to find a gentle beautician – I’m going to go back to the lady who did my eyes today, as she was much kinder to my eyes than the girl who regularly does them, but I’m going to be stubborn about using the smaller rollers!

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nicoletta said...

Hi there, i agree definately worth it. Hope you dont mind me sayng but if you are not happy with the results you could go back and tell them. I am a beauty therapist and did eyelash perms a lot and they always looked a lot more curled than this. I would ask them to do it again with a smaller roller. x

The Bristol Beauty Blog said...

Hi - I don't mind at all, your advice is very welcome. To be honest, I've never had amazing results with the perm, even with the smaller rollers. I think my lashes just grow downwards too much! I have got next time half price though. My sister's a beauty therapist, and I keep meaning to ask her to have a go at them, as I would be very demanding with her, but she lives so far away - I must make a weekend of it and get loads of treatments! x

The Brunette said...

Hi I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi.

I too live in Bristol and I am into fashion and beauty.xx


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