Saturday, 24 July 2010

Chanel Chanel Chanel!

Yesterday was a very special day for me. I purchased my first ever Chanel lipstick! I’ve been reading loads about Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks recently and have been loving the ad campaign with the stunning Vanessa Paradis looking stunningly fab. I decided to splurge on the ‘Mademoiselle’ shade which I had been lusting after, the dark, pinky colour that she is wearing in the adverts.

I had to get a refund from Topshop for £40 anyway, so I justified the lipstick at £21.50 was actually free - well, that’s my warped logic anyway! £21.50 is a lot to pay for a lipstick, even if it’s free and with Boots points, so I was expecting a lot. I was very pleased with my shopping experience from Chanel in Boots, Cribbs Causeway. The sales assistant wrapped up my lipstick in tissue paper, popped it in bag with the iconic Chanel logo, included a badge and a free sample of their new mascara, and ti
ed it up with ribbon - very chic.

The black and gold packaging is solid and
high-quality, whilst screaming style, with the interlinked ‘Cs’ on the lid.

In terms of the colour, I love it! It’s a dark pink on me, which I think suits my skin tone and enhances the natural colour of my lips. I’ve also found it’s a long lasting lipstick which is quite staining on the lips – I put it on as soon as I got in, without blotting or any primers and it lasted well throughout the evening, even after eating. Saying that, I just want to put it on all the time, as I feel so classy to be applying my Chanel!

My lips aren’t in great condition and lipstick is often very drying. I’ve found Mac lipsticks are particularly drying on my lips (despite loving them)! The Rouge Coco is certainly kinder to my lips than Mac, but it does still dry them out eventually, despite its claim to be a “hydrating crème lip colour”. Today I’ve applied it on top of lip balm and it’s definitely less drying, although I certainly wouldn’t describe it as more hydrating.

There are about 30 shades available grouped into pink, brown, beige and red tones. The sales assistant told me (in an excited whisper, like it was a massive secret), that they are planning to release some more colours in the autumn, so there will be even more colours to chose from.

So, I’ve finally lost my Chanel virginity, and so far I love Chanel!


nicoletta said...

Yay i'm your 1st follower.
That lipstick looks lovely i cant justify paying that much for a lippy in fact i wince at paying MAC prices. Maybe i'm just tight lol x

The Bristol Beauty Blog said...

Thanks for following! I'm going to have to find something interesting to write about now:)

Yes it made my wallet hurt and I can't really justify it, but I seem to be in a splurging mood at the moment...and it's Chanel!

Ms. Wedgie said...

I'm 30 and I've STILL not got a Chanel lippie! Might have to change that when payday comes around! :)

When I saw the title of your Blog it reminded how much I miss Bristol! I lived in there for a few years about 5 years ago and I miss it loads! :)


The Bristol Beauty Blog said...

Well I'm the ripe old age of 31, so you've got a year on me! Bristol is still fab xx

Katastrophic said...

I want a Chanel lipstick so badly. It's those darn ads. :( But I am trying not to splurge on things I don't need. And I definitely don't need more lipstick.

I am glad to know it's not completely hydrating so I don't have to rush out to get it now. I don't feel like any lipstick is hydrating. I think I may try to get into lip stains.

That's a very nice color you got:)

Anonymous said...

YAY I love your logic, it makes complete sense to me! Have you seen my posts on the Chanel coco rouges? I got Mademoiselle first, too, and now Cashmere - this is also a pretty neutral. I am SO jealous that you got a badge! And which mascara did you get - is it the inimitable intense? I'm thinking of buying this so let me know how you get on with it.

The Bristol Beauty Blog said...

@ Cafe Bellini - Glad you appreciate my logic. I've just looked at your Chanel posts - I want more colours now. This might become an addiction!

The mascara is inimitable intense, although I've not tried it out yet. I will let you know once I've given it a go.


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