Monday, 26 July 2010

First NOTD

My nails are in a right state at the moment, all peeling, flaking and breaking off.  Ordinarily, I’d go for a week without varnish and treat the hell out of them.  However, I’ve got to go to a swanky work event on Wednesday in London which I want to look professional for.  It’s business dress, not black tie, so I don’t need a flashy nail colour, but I do want to be groomed!

I decided that I would get rid of the worst of my flaking tips using nail scissors, and file them short.  Harsh, but necessary I think!   I used Mavala cuticle remover and then Mavala ridge filler as a base coat to disguise some of the damage.  I then followed this with a couple of coats of OPI’s Barefoot in Barcelona, a classic, neutral beige shade, topped with Rimmel top coat. 

I’m pretty pleased with the result!  I think it looks professional enough – hopefully it will last through to Wednesday evening and then I can whip it all off and start some nail treatments.  By the way, it looks darker in real life,

As an extra NOTD, I wanted to show you a small picture of my pedicure – I used Minted by Revlon for the first time.  I’ve wanted to try Minted for ages, but I have to say that I wasn’t that impressed.  I love  the colour, but the application was a bit thin and I found it a bit messy – after 3 coats I got the look I was after. 

But then I decided I didn't want to show you my feet, I don't want to put off any readers, so I won't!


Anonymous said...

I have really short nails, too... I wish I had nice, longer nails but I never will. Sigh. I got quite a few compliments from some lovely bloggers, though, so I guess short nails aren't so bad, after all? hahaahh Very sensible colour, by the way.

Katastrophic said...

Very good job with the fix! I actually prefer shorter nails on myself. I just feel like with shorter nails, I can apply any crazy bright color without it looking so extreme.


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