Monday, 18 October 2010

Beauty Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge - Weigh In Week 1

The following lovely bloggers and I are taking part in the Beauty Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge.  The aim is to lose 7lb by 6th December.  Today is our first weigh in!

I'll start things off - this week my weightloss is minus 1lb!  I'm happy with that!

The Bristol Beauty Blog -1lb
Fudge Smoothies -1lb
Who is She??? -4lb
Behind the Shoes -1lb
Real Girls Beauty -0.5lb
Stacey @ The HQ of Beauty -0.5lb
Leanne @ Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder -3.5lb
Gidders1 (via Twitter)
Sweet Like Jelly - sts
Lucy Duckett -1lb

Just either comment here, or tweet me your losses (or not as the case may be), and I'll update this post.  I'd better start up a spreadsheet to record our losses!

I know I'm not the only one, but I've been ill which has scuppered all my plans for exercise, and lead to me eating random food - not loads of food, but not the most healthy - whatever has been easiest to cook.  I've made myself a healthy salad for lunch today, and it's back on track for me tomorrow! 

To make things more fun, I'm thinking of offering a little incentive to whoever loses the most weight.  I'm not sure what yet, but I'll think of something.

Good luck girlies!  xx


Real Girls Beauty said...

Good morning! I am minus 0.5 lbs not great but I'll take it, it's a loss. Like you I'm hopefully back on track now I'm feeling a bit better! Well done on your weightloss 1 lb is great! Xx

♥ Stacey ♥ said...

Morning Ladies, I too lost 0.5lbs. I was pleased with it asI did have a sneaky pizza with the girls and a bar of choccie! Well done on your losses, have a good week! x

Big Fashionista said...

congratulations on your losses ladies x x x

Proud of you all x x x

Big Fashionista x x

Ray said...

woop well done everyone!!!

I'm -4lb down and that involved a trip to nandos and a meal at fat buddha.

I NEED CHOCOLATE though hahaha xxx

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Well done all, and thanks Big Fashionista for cheering us all on!

Ray - that's an amazing loss. Right, I'm off to Nandos and Fat Buddha if that's your secret! x

SweetLikeJelly said...

hey ladies. I'm so sad I stayed the same weight this week. But then i was sick at the start of the week and then went away for the weekend so I wasn;t expecting any better. i'm really gonna knuckle down now and hope that I have a better result next week!!!

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

@SweetLikeJelly - don't worry, it's understandable if you've been ill and away. You've got plenty of time to catch up - still 7 weeks left! xx

Fudgesmoothiesmakeup said...

i only manage to lose 1;b this week, ended up going out for dinner and the puddings were calling :P

been doing lots of home cooking over the weekend and will be carrying on this week so fingers crossed!


Leanne OCD said...

Yay! Well done everyone, particularly if you have been under the weather. I'm delighted with my result X

@ Big Fashonista - you are doing so incredibly well in a month of being on your programme. I'm amazed. You go girl! You'll be Lil Fashionista soon!! X

behindtheshoes said...

Well done everyone.

Rachelle Xxx


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