Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sample Sunday

Happy lazy Sunday ladies.  I'm enjoying a very lazy Sunday after staying up late to watch the Japanese Grand Prix qualifying, and then watching the race on iPlayer this morning (no I wasn't mad enough to get up at 5.30, depsite being a massive F1 fan)!

So, my sample Sunday today is Adidas Hair & Body After Sport Shower Gel.  No, it doesn't seem very exciting does it?  I used it purely to try and extend the life of my dwindling collection of shower gels, as I'm trying to not buy any more until the end of November.  It wasn't, as if I'd done any sport this morning (ahem).  I'd watched some sport, so maybe that counts?

I used the shower gel on my body only, not my hair.  I think it's probably designed for a sporty man, or at least one who thinks they're sporty, and likes to only take one bottle into the shower.  Despite this, the fragrance was quite fresh and unisex - I hate using unisex products that smell 'manly'.  It had a bit of citrus zing, and I even detected a hint of lavender in the formula that was quite pleasant.

The shower gel lathered up well on my shower puff and seemed to do a good job of washing my body, as you'd expect really.  My skin doesn't feel to tight afterwards, although it certainly wan't moisturising. 

This shower gel is definitely in the 'clean and fresh' shower gel camp, which I quite like.  I categorise shower gels as either 'clean and fresh' or 'moisturising and gentle'. Both have their merits, but I always feel cleaner after a 'clean and fresh' one.  I've been using the Sanctuary cream body wash recently, and whilst it's a lovely formula, it firmly a 'moisturing and gentle' type product.  Does this make any sense?  Does anyone else categorise their shower gels like this?

Anyway, the sample was pretty generous, so I'll have another shower with it tomorrow.

All in all, a nice little product, and one I'd nick off my boyfriend if he bought it.  I wouldn't buy it myself though, it's definitely a shower gel catering for men, and there are better examples of 'clean and fresh' shower gels out there.

By the way, it hasn't escaped my notice that I have nearly reached 100 followers. That's pretty soon after I hit 50.  It's fantastic that so many people take the time to read my blog - thanks to every single one of you - you're all fabulous!  I will do a small little giveaway when I reach the magic 100.  I can't promise much, as I am skint as you like at the moment.  But I do appreciate it so much, so I'm sure I can rustle up a few goodies for you all!

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon everyone, and thanks for reading!   xx


SabraRose said...

I was crazy with the F1 and stayed up late to watch qualifying then had a quick nap, watched the race then went to bed. Definitely having a lazy Sunday! x

ChrissyDee said...

A shower gel I go back to time and time again is Nivea Happy Time shower cream. Fits both the fresh and clean and moisturising and gentle categories! I love it.

Lazy sunday includes sitting in the garden with my laptop and cups of tea. I don't want to move...ever...


Amy said...

Mmmmmmm, I love mens smelly stuff like this :) they smell so fresh!
Please could you follow ? She has entered channel 4's best young blogger award and needs followers, you won't regret it, she is awesome :) thanks xxx

Anonymous said...

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TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

@Anonymous - that's an odd comment. This is a review of a small sample, and I have expressed my opinion. You are, of course, more than entitled to disagree. You are welcome to post your thoughts as a comment on my blog if you have a different opinion. However, as I have just reviewed a small sample, and I'm not really that passionate about this particular product, I don't really want to get into an extensive debate about it!


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