Wednesday, 3 November 2010

No. 7 Revitalising Hand Saviour - Review

As I've got a little older I've found my hands really suffer in the winter, getting so dry, flakey and sore.  I keep moisturiser by my front door, in my bedside table and on my desk at work, applying it regularly, but still my hands suffer.

But then I rediscovered No. 7 Revitalising Hand Saviour - I had a mini tube of it in my stash - and this really is a brilliant product.  It's a hand exfoliator and it's a real treat for your hands.  It contains gentle scrubbing grains suspended in a rather alarming bright yellow coloured oil base.  You have to shake the tube well, as the oil separates out, but once well shaken, you simply use a bit to exfoliate your hand, rinse off, and hey presto - your hands feel softer, smoother, and really well moisturised, due to the oil base.

As well as being a product that works by caring for your hands, it also feels like a luxury product.  It has a light, slightly earthy and wheaty fragrance, is nicely packaged (even my little sample looks good), and the nature of the product is slightly decadent - I mean an exfoliator specifically for your hands!

Didn't shake it very well here!

I'm on a spending diet at the moment, so I shouldn't buy any more (even though my little tube is about to run out).  But I've got a couple of No 7 vouchers going spare, and this is top of my list to get... I'll see if I crumble, especially as its normal price is over a tenner!

This really is a hand saviour! 

Thanks for reading! xx


Kirsty T said...

I really need something like this! My hands are really suffering at the mo! I still have a voucher for no7 so will have a look

Pink Julep Abroad said...

Thanks for the review! This looks like something I would like... the hands are the first thing to go so I try to moisturize mine all the time!


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