Sunday, 21 November 2010

NOTD - Nails Inc Neal Street

I love that Nails Inc name their polishes after streets in London.  As you may know, I'm secretly a Londoner, and I do loads of work in the Big Smoke, so their polishes are evocative of places I know.  I work for retailers all over the city, and last week, a job I was working on in Neal Street was causing me no end of grief.  So I thought I'd wear Nails Inc Neal Street in an attempt to neautralise all the stress that the real Neal Street has been causing (it's one of my favourite places in London as well, so I was praying this would work).

So Neal Street, is a thick, greeny/turquoise polish that applies pretty true to the colour in the bottle.  It applied quite well, with not too much glooping or bubbling, and although I could've got away with a single coat if I'd been in a hurry, I used two.  However, this is a matte polish, although it doesn't say so on the bottle anywhere. I didn't like the effect of the matte polish, it was just too dull, and didn't work at all well with the colour, so I painted over it with a glossy top coat, which worked perfectly!  I find that Nails Inc polishes are notoriously bad at chipping, so it would definitely need a topcoat anyway.

Why is it that my NOTD photos always feature a random cat hair on my fingers???

I liked the colour, nice and bright, but not too over-the-top. Unfortunately, it didn't stop my work problems, but it did cheer me up a bit!  The downside is, it chipped after 1 day, and tip-wear also started after one day.  In the photos it doesn't look so bad, but my other hand was awful, and I've tried to hide the thumb of my left hand in the photos, as it chipped beyond belief!  The photos were taken after 3 days.

I'm not bowled over by Nails Inc polishes.  I love their colours and the concept, but their staying power is quite bad, especially as they're not a cheap and cheerful brand.  I was also annoyed with this polish, as it didn't say it was matte anywhere.

Thanks for reading!  xx


StyleFrost said...

Gorgeous colour, I agree, barry m lasts longer sometimes!

Emily said...

I love this colour but its like exactly the same as Nails Inc harriet walk. I agree with what your saying about the quality of them, its pretty poor.

Caz said...

I love this colour - its really unique although I find Nails Inc polishes quite hard to apply

beewaits said...

I'm not overly crazy for nails inc...I feel they work better with gel or acrylics but this colour is pretty much perfection. Swoonerific.'re totally spot on about the Umbridge/Chanel vibe...I was getting that from some of her jackets. Style icon a touch? I think so.



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