Monday, 29 November 2010

Barry M Dusky Mauve vs Chanel Paradoxal = Totally Dupe-tastic

Hello all.  I know you've probably seen this in a million posts, but I thought I'd add my take on Barry M Dusky Mauve, and how much of a dupe it is to Chanel's Paradoxal.  In my opinion, it's about 99% of a dupe.

L-R Dusky Mauve, Paradoxal, DM, Paradoxal

L-R Paradoxal, DM, Paradoxal

You can even see the hidden sparkle here

L-R DM, Paradoxal, DM, Paradoxal, DM

L-R Paradoxal, DM, Paradoxal

The colour of both polishes is exactly the same, and Dusky Mauve has the same hidden shimmer as Paradoxal, only visible in certain lights.  I think that the shimmer is a red colour, but others have described it as mauve - it's up to you to decide.  If anything, there's slightly more shimmer in the Barry M than Paradoxal, but only the teeniest bit.  One of the things that I love about Paradoxal is that it gives my nails a certain look - it's very hard to describe, but the finish of Paradoxal is like no other.  Although it's glossy, it has the feel of a matte polish, and somehow manages to make my nails look longer than they actually are.  Anyway, I was dubious whether Barry M would be able to replicate this intangible quality that Chanel manages to capture in the finish, but you know what - they've cracked it.  I really can't tell the difference between the finish of the two polishes.

Where Barry M actually scores higher than Chanel is in application.  It's definitely easier to apply than Paradoxal - I've not yet managed to do a 'perfect' manicure with Paradoxal, without some degree of bubbling.  But Dusky Mauve didn't bubble. 

So, I think this is an excellent dupe, and definitely a lot more wallet friendly than Paradoxal.  I've also seen it in quite a few Superdrugs over the past week, so they must be manufacturing some more as quickly as it's flying off the shelves.  If you haven't managed to get your hands on it yet, you can enter my giveaway here for Dusky Mauve and some other bits to see you through the Christmas Party season.

Thanks for reading!  xx


The Beautiful Blog said...

great dupe! i would rather get dupes thanspend more for the same result, thaks x

Cheeky Beauty said...

I bought the Dusky mauve because it looks exactly the same. I love it.
But it's incredible that they're identical isn't it.

StyleFrost said...

It is the same, I have dusky mauve, its my current favourite, love it!


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