Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Beauty Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge - Week 6

I'm a couple of days late with this weeks Beauty Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge already?.  Our aim is to lose 7lb by 6th December. It's weigh in #6 already!

I lost 2lb this week!  Get me, back on track!  Just 1lb to go, and two weeks to do it in! 

The Bristol Beauty Blog -1lb, -3lb, -0lb, +2lb, -2lb = -6lb
Fudge Smoothies -1lb -lb = -2lb
Who is She??? -4lb, -4lb, -3lb, week off, -3lb, week off = -14lb!!!  (Extra Gold Star for you!)
Behind the Shoes -1lb, - 2lb, -0.5, -0.5lb, -2lb sts = -6lb
Real Girls Beauty -0.5lb, -1lb, -2lb, -2lb = -5.5lb
Stacey @ The HQ of Beauty -0.5lb, -1.5lb, -0.5, -0lb, -1lb = -3.5lb
Leanne @ Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder -3.5lb, - 3lb, -1lb, -1.5lb, +.5lb, -1lb = -9.5lb (Silver Star for you!)
Sweet Like Jelly - sts, - 2lb, -2lb  = -4lb
Lucy Duckett -1lb, - 2lb, -3lb = -6lb

I've updated my result, as well as Rachelle's, Leanne's and Ray's. Let me know your results this week ladies!



The Brunette said...

Well done to you x

Ray said...

well done everyone. My new christmas party dress is fitting very nicely now :) 2 weeks to go for me xxx

Vintage and Cake said...

well done that is bloody brill, good on you girl. Treat yourself to a nice nail polish or something ... I would xxxxx

♥ Stacey ♥ said...

Well done lovey! That's fantastic, I stayed the same last week, I get weighed tonight but I know I have put on weight, I've lost my mojo with it these last couple of weeks, no excuses other than greed! I simply didn't stick to the plan. I'm not sure I'm going to make the 7lb by the 6th Dec! I've been rubbish recently :( xx

daisychain said...

congratulations :) x

Nadia said...

wow! I'm proud of you!

I also want to loose weight. But I just can't. I simply love food too much...


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