Monday, 8 November 2010

Beauty Blogger Christmas Weight Loss Challenge - Week 4 Weigh In

It's the fourth week of the Beauty Bloggers Christmas Weight Loss Challenge - half way there.  Our aim is to lose 7lb by 6th December.

This week my weightloss is a gain!  I'm plus 2lb!

I know I can make all the excuses under the sun (or rain), especially as I'm coming up to the time of the month.  But let's face it - I've been bad all week.  This wasn't helped by the fact we had NO trick or treaters, so we've been munching on fun size mars bars all week "to use them up" and that Tescos had a fantastic offer on Pringles.  I also think I've been slipping up mainly at lunch time, as I've been craving hot food in this cold weather rather than a pathetic salad.  So I've decided to make a little extra of my evening meals each day to heat up for my lunch as well.  Today I had left-overs from my roast dinner yesterday.  It was mainly veg, one roast potato and a bit of chicken, with gravy.  It's really made a difference, as I didn't feel at all hungry in the afternoon.  Hopefully this new tactic will work.

The Bristol Beauty Blog -1lb, -3lb, -0lb, +2lb = -2lb
Fudge Smoothies -1lb -lb = -2lb
Who is She??? -4lb, -4lb, -3lb, week off = -11lb!!!  (Extra Gold Star for you!)
Behind the Shoes -1lb, - 2lb, -0.5, -0.5lb = -4lb
Real Girls Beauty -0.5lb, -1lb, -2lb = -3.5lb
Stacey @ The HQ of Beauty -0.5lb, -1.5lb, -0.5, -0lb = -2.5lb
Leanne @ Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder -3.5lb, - 3lb, -1lb, -1.5lb = -9lb (Silver Star for you!)
Sweet Like Jelly - sts, - 2lb, -2lb  = -4lb
Lucy Duckett -1lb, - 2lb = -3lb

Collectively we've lost 41lb in 4 weeks, or 2 stone 13lb!  Well done everyone! xx


Fudgesmoothiesmakeup said...

Ah man, i forgot to way myself last week and the week before...

i lost 1lb this week. It's a slow process!!

daisychain said...

soup is a fantastic filling hot lunch! good luck <3

Ray said...

Keep up the excellent work ladies!!!

Just to let you all know I am dropping out of the weekly weigh ins and will do fortnightly ones instead. This is a preventative measure for personal reasons.

I'm going to do a post this week of the diet/excerise plan which I have been doing if anyone is interested xxx

Ray said...

Just to clarify- I dont want to become obsessed with weighing myself all the time. Hence the fortnightly weigh in xxx

♥ Stacey ♥ said...

Ahhh hun, don't be too disheatened, you're doing really well. I stayed the same this week, think my Pizza's, Chinese and nibbles of chocolate have caught up on me! Good luck for this week! xx

Leanne OCD said...

Chin up lovely x

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Thanks ladies

@ Fudgesmoothies - slowly but surely! Well done!

@Daisychain - soup's a good idea, I could take it to work in a thermos

@ Ray - I totally understand about doing it every other week! Looking forward to seeing your diet and exercise plan

@ Stacey - it's better than a gain! Well done.

@ Leanne - thanks! Good luck for tomorrow!


Leanne OCD said...

I'm -1.5lb this week. Surprised as I didn't feel as though I'd had a good week either. Went out for dinner on Sat too! Feel a bit unsure this week. WW have changed their points system, after I'd just learned about the bloody thing!! Will report back next week. x

behindtheshoes said...

Only 0.5lbthis cold won't go away, there is always next week.

Well done girlies.

Fingers crossed for next week xxx

Vintage and Cake said...

but according to most weight things you tend to go up and down by about 2lb everyday because of food and fluid and that. You are doing really well, keep the great work up xxxx


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