Thursday, 11 November 2010

Chanel - Vert Khaki

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I'm on a spending ban at the moment, but before I started it, I bought a Chanel Ombre Essentielle eyeshadow in Vert Khaki.  This is NOT to be confused with Khaki Vert nail polish, which I also succumbed to!  This was one of the two shadows that were released in August  - I'd already purchased Taupe Grise on the day they came out, and it has swiftly become one of my favourite shadows.

I really like the colour of Vert Khaki.  I have very dark brown eyes, and I think green is a colour which really goes well with darker eyes, so it was definitely a shadow I wanted to try.  In the pan, it looks like a dark, sludgey khaki coloured shadow, with very (and I mean VERY) subtle flecks of golden shimmer shot through it, which give the shadow a yellowish tinge.  It's hard to capture the colour in the photos, but it looks lovely.

However, I've been less than impressed with the actual colour swatches and application.  It swatches in a more muddy colour than I'd been expected and much darker than it is in the pan.  When I've used it on my eyes, I've found it hard to blend, slightly chalky and generally difficult to work with.  I might be being a bit unfair in this assessment - it's miles better than a cheap eye shadow, but nowhere near the quality of Mac, Urban Decay, or even Clinique shadows, and nowhere near as nice to work with as Taupe Grise. 

I'm disappointed with this shadow.  I really wanted to love it, and took a gamble by buying it without swatching it, as I'd been so impressed with Taupe Grise from the same range.  However, I don't love it, so it was a bit of an expensive mistake.  Lesson learned - I'll swatch colours first before buying expensive makeup!

Thanks for reading! xx


StyleFrost said...

It does look so pretty in its packaging, its a shame it was a let down!

Anonymous said...

Have never purchased anything from Chanel makeup wise other than a lip gloss and to be frank the product was pants. Nothing wrong with the colour, but it leached out whenever I popped the brush and it went everywhere. I was so disappointed so I feel your pain. Thanks for this. Jan x

Vintage and Cake said...

Oh I hate when you buy something say Chanel or other designer brand and you aspect a level of quality and than it is just rubbish :( It looks really lush as well I love the colour but glad you have posted this so you will save others from slashing. Maybe try damping the eyelid a little and than apply ... maybe a little better. xx

Anonymous said...

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