Friday, 5 November 2010

First Attempt at Barry M Instant Nail Effects - Partial Success, Partial Fail

I thought I'd show you my first attempt at using Barry M Nail Instant Effects for Halloween last week.  Unfortunately, it wasn't entirely successful.

After seeing everyone else's fantastic creations, I was really looking forward to trying it, especially as it is so easy to use.  I used a shocking pink Rimmel polish first, a colour I've had for ages.  I then applied the Barry M and waited for the magic to happen...

Left hand - it's acceptable

On my left hand it look alright. 

Right Hand - definitely NOT acceptable

But my right hand was smudged and chipped, with big lumps of Barry M.  I had to encourage it to crack on my nails with an orange stick.  It was a bit of a fail on this hand.

I talked to Laura from That's So Yesterday on Twitter who won my Barry M giveaway.  She suggested that perhaps the bottom coat wasn't completely dry, which is probably true, as I applied it in a rush.  I also think that I was a bit heavy handed with the Nail Effects application.  I'll have to have another go at it so see if I can get a better finish.

It's a shame that it wasn't entirely successful, because this definitely isn't a look I'd wear everyday, and I wouldn't dare wear it for work!  Halloween is probably the main time of the year that I'll sport these nails.  I will have another play with it and take my time to see if I can get it working properly - I really want it to work, as it's such a fun thing to have!

By the way, I quite like the shocking pink/black combo - it makes quite a contrast, and is definitely not the black nail varnish peeling off look. 

Have you had any issues with applying this?

Thanks for reading! xx


daisychain said...

the first time I used it things went perfectly,
since then I seem to have the same problem as you,
which kind of makes me regret going crazy and buying a backup!

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at what daisychain said above, I always seem to buy backups of things which aren't working! Agree about the pink black combo. I used to do nail stuff more than I do now, and the cardinal rule is to give the coats a good bit of time to dry. Thankyou for this, and for sharing the mistakes - we all make them!

Beauty Addict said...

I have a P2 Crackling polish and it works perfectly!
The base coat needs to be dry and I prefer to apply heavy coats of the crackling polish as it will crack more.
I haven't tried to Barry M yet, though

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

The first time I applied this think I did it too thinly as not a lot actually happened...

Anonymous said...

Hey! I think it really depends on the first coat, and how well you apply it! I used a "models own" as a first coat in the morning and applied the instant effects at night after work and it worked great. There's a tutorial on the barry M website that may help! Looks great on the hand that worked tho! Nice blog! xxxxx

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Thanks for all your comments! xx


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